Our World Is A Shadow Of The Spiritual World

nirvana-and-games-with-the-leviathan-are-ahead-of-usA question I received: It is written that “our world” is the lowest level of the spiritual world, the World of Assiya. Then what is our world in which we live?

My Answer: Our world does not exist in spirituality. It is a “reality” that we imagine. We have to attain the first, lowest level of the spiritual world, and from there we will already begin to ascend, like by a thin ray of Light, going upwards, toward our root.

Right now it seems to us that we exist in a huge world and universe. However, all of this is but a point, an imprint or shadow of the lowest spiritual world. And like a shadow, it does not exist by itself.

Yet we “live” inside this shadow, similar to how a dream stays alive, until we replace the shadow with the original – the first spiritual level, called “this world,” which is the beginning of the spiritual ladder. The most difficult part of the process is ascending to this first level, since it is completely opposite to us, and therefore concealed.

If someone told you that you will receive the opportunity to give others everything you have, including your life, would you consider this something worth aspiring to? Certainly not! That is why the “impure forces” hide this from you, deceiving you according to the principle, “the peel (Klipa) protects the fruit.” The Klipa (impure force) tells you: “It’s worthwhile to reveal spirituality because there is a lot of pleasure there!” And you believe it! That is how it helps you come to the Creator.

A person wavers to and fro: Sometimes he passionately strives for spirituality, and sometimes he doubts whether there is anything good there at all. But in the meantime, he advances. The most important thing is to let the Light work on you. Do everything that the Doctor prescribed and let him perform the surgery on you. However, instead most of us try to be smart alecks and don’t let the Light work on us.

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  1. But is’nt our soul put in our physical vessel , in this physical world for our soul to experience human lessons and challanges for it to grow and mature as a soul?

    I believe that our soul follows a specific path through a series of lifetimes to mature in that area then it moves to another area of growth and achievement , is there any basis to this in the Kabbalah and the Torah or the Zohar?

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