Preparing Yourself To Approach The Creator

doThe Creator is an all-encompassing law of the universe. By demanding correction, we are not addressing someone, but we are preparing our desire for change from an egoistic desire to receive, to an altruistic desire to bestow.

As soon as we desire this, it will change! This will happen due to the Creator, the general law of the universe, immediately influencing our desire. The Creator is a spiritual field of bestowal and love in which we shift as the desire in us changes.  The Creator, however, is at a specific point in this field, relative to us. Initially we are opposite to it, and because of this, we are situated in the most external circle of this field, which is called “this world.”

To the extent that we desire to move closer to the center, towards the Creator’s qualities of love and bestowal, we cause this field to influence us, and it is able to move us. We can see that the Creator does not act on a whim, and we have no reason to wait for special treatment from Him.

My respect for the law of gravity will not change its effect on my body. In the same manner, if we follow the spiritual laws, we enter the spiritual world, and if not, we remain outside.

There is no protection, and it is useless to play up to and fawn over the Creator. The Creator is a force which reads my innermost desires rather than listening to my words. I advance to the extent that I correspond to this force.

The science of Kabbalah examines the laws of the spiritual world. It is spiritual physics, not lyrics. We exist in Nature; the Creator is Nature, and His laws are the laws of Nature.

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