We Have The Right To Make A Demand Of The Creator

Laitman_2009-03_7952A question I received: Who am I to demand correction from the Creator?

My Answer: You are a created being, just like everyone else. The Creator purposely created us from one great desire to receive pleasure by being next to Him. Then He broke this desire into pieces and lowered them to the lowest, most distant degree from Him, called “this world.” Each one of the pieces is in each of us.

Now the Creator is waiting for each of us (men, women, smart, stupid, righteous, and sinners) to turn to Him, wishing to return to His level. The desire to return should be the greatest desire of all our desires. This means that it should not just be a request that arises in us, but it must be a scream of despair and a demand to the Creator to raise us to His level.

We are here precisely so that we can demand correction, and this demand is pleasant to the Creator! After all, if we wish to become similar to the Creator, this means we value His state and realize His greatness. On the contrary, if a person does not wish to become similar to the Creator, then he does not respect Him.

We are comprised only of the desire for something that is greater or better. Therefore, only after thousands of years of development does our ego begin to understand that the best thing is to be similar to the Creator! Like children, we have the right to demand this from our parent!

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