Our Chance To Attain The Upper World

IMG_8378We have gone through a long chain of reincarnations, with previous incarnations being more difficult than what we are experiencing today. Compared to the suffering we’ve previously gone through, our current incarnation is a like a nice walk in this world.

However, our existence in this world is now special, since after thousands of years of egoistic development, we have been awakened to exit out of this world and enter the Upper World; to make a spiritual breakthrough.

Every person has a nucleus of perception of the Upper World called “the point in the heart,” which relentlessly pulls and pushes him. The matter in which we exist is the spiritual field, the Creator. There is no matter and there is no world.  The only thing that exists is the spiritual field that contains all the souls in an unconscious, sleeping state. Some of them, however, get inspired to wake up and reveal their own true state.

But since spirituality is perfect (complete), our desire to perceive it must be also perfect or complete. You cannot, therefore, listen to any arguments against spiritual development. If one’s soul awakens, then a person should listen to it and to no one else! In fact, the Creator Himself presents a person with the possibility to hear Him and a person must then pursue this no matter what.

Obviously, a person has to provide his family with all their necessities, respect his parents and help them when they’re old, but no one has the right to tell him to him how to deal with his own soul. Parents, family, and the entire world only accompany us in this world, but we exist here in order to enter the eternal and perfect world.

The reverse is also true in that we should not force anyone else in this world to engage in the revelation of the Upper World. However, if people around us demand that we give up the development of our souls, then we need to make the decision to either give up our souls for their sake or give them up for the sake of our souls.

This decision is made with the knowledge that the Creator is giving us a chance to attain the Upper World.

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