Spiritual Inspiration Can Spread On A Global Scale

globeWe do everything for our own good, because our nature is the will to enjoy. This is why we always ask, “Why do I need this? What kind of profit will I make from this? Is it worth it for me to make the effort?”

This is why people have to receive an explanation of what they will gain by revealing the Creator. It takes great effort to do this, but revealing the importance of the goal provides the strength for it. It all depends on how much your environment understands the importance of the goal. In a corrected world, the only work that everyone in the world will do, besides providing for the bare necessities, is providing each other with mutual support to feel the importance of correction and spiritual development.

All the billions of people in the world will work on disseminating Kabbalah to each other, on influencing each other and inspiring one another to take greater part in the correction, and revealing a greater desire for this. In order to attain the corrected state, each person will have to personally disseminate, from his place in the common soul, the knowledge, impression, and importance of unity and correction. After all, every person is a cell of the single spiritual body, the Soul.

In order to be connected to the whole body, every cell must tell everyone about how it works and how important its work is. It must be impressed by how it influences the others and how much they need it; otherwise it won’t have the right to exist.

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