The Creator Is Born In The Connections Between Us

reminds We must strive to form such strong connections between members of the Kabbalah group that the connections can be called the “Creator.” The Creator is a measurement of the connection between us when we perceive others as we perceive ourselves. We must constantly ask ourselves if we are approaching this type of connection or not, and if we are getting closer to the Creator.

We give birth to the Creator by connecting with each other, because what we call the Creator is born of our relationships, tensions, bonds, and aspirations towards each other. Imagine that we are drawn so close to each other that we are pulled into a circle inside of which something called “Bore” (come and see) is revealed.  This means come inside and see the Creator.

What we create is in fact, a common Kli with ten Sefirot of bestowal. The common Kli is revealed and is filled if we make it our mission to find the right connections with each other. Instead of fantasizing about ourselves and the Creator, we must know that His revelation is our goal.

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