A Piece Of Bread Stored For The Future

Spiritual Food Is the Light That Fills One's Soul It is impossible to rise to a higher degree without the help of the Upper One. This is similar to how a child can only develop with the upbringing he receives from adults who understand what he needs to receive year after year. How much he absorbs from them depends on how much he nullifies himself before them. In our world, Nature takes care of this process.

Meanwhile, using one’s brain, a person will always judge others on his level and will never leave the boundaries of his comprehension. Therefore, the group gives us an opportunity to attain  similarity to “faith above reason,” which is only revealed in spirituality. The group gives us its opinion, and this opinion begins to govern in us. So, for the time being, this is called “faith above reason.”

Besides this, there is the concept of “a piece of bread in store for the future” (Pat be Salo – bread in the knapsack). If a person knows that he has bread in his knapsack, he does not suffer from hunger as much as a person who has no bread at all. It would seem that this is purely a physiological process. What difference does it make whether we save ourselves a sandwich or not? But there is a difference! We do not feel the hunger if we have this sandwich stored away for the future.

A wealthy person that has all types of food does not feel the desire to eat it, while a person who doesn’t have anything has a huge appetite. This is called a “piece of bread in store for the future,” even though we do not feel a desire for it.

We need to use all the possible tricks to awaken an inner sense of alarm and fear in order to expose the places where the breaking occurred. It should become clear to us that we are not in a state where we can be satisfied. We study and perform dissemination work, but this is not enough to calm us down. We need to make sure that we feel more and more alarmed in regard to our correction with every passing moment.

We need to ensure that we acquire a new desire, building an image of the Upper One for ourselves and adhering to it, so this aspiration to a new, hypothetical degree will pull us higher.

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