Staying On The Path Of Three To Five Years

What Will Help Us Along the Way We come into this world and into the perception of this reality in order to rise from here to the true reality of the Upper World. Our whole mission in life is to gain consciousness from our unconscious state and to experience the true reality.

We must first go through a long path of development and traverse the inanimate, vegetative, and animate levels, until the point in the heart emerges in us – a desire to enter the true reality. When we finally clarify what our true state means (bestowal, the root of our soul, and the Creator), we understand that we need to tune into some system that will help us achieve this.

Until now, we have had no prerequisites for this, meaning the required and correct strength, desires, thoughts, and understanding. So, where is that adapter or intermediate step between that enables us to attain bestowal? What is the means that will allow us to advance?

It is written that there are three means by which we can advance: the teacher, the group, and the books. However, we must first lose hope so utterly that we will understand that these are the only means, and thus will begin to use them.

This is when the count of the preparation period of “three to five years” begins (see Item 23 of the “Introduction to Talmud Eser Sefirot). We have to check ourselves at every moment to see if we are truly in this period of “three to five years,” and if not, we have to look for changes that will lead us to bestowal.

After all, if we received an awakening and the Creator gave us this desire, we need to make sure to carry out our spiritual mission. If, on the contrary, we received such an awakening from above and we neglect it, rejecting the Creator’s invitation to come to Him, this will be the greatest shame we can possibly imagine.

Therefore, we have to put in as much effort as possible into building boundaries for ourselves and placing “guards” everywhere who will not allow us to run away during difficult times. We must be guarded when we are in a state of having no control over ourselves, such as when we experience heavy thoughts and various considerations that force us to forget about the spiritual path and the goal.

We have to define all the concepts correctly and fully: What is bestowal, what are the conditions and the means to reach it, and in response to what desire does the Light of Correction come?  We need to clearly imagine each passing state in order to understand whether we are on the path of “three to five years” or whether we’ve shifted away from it.

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