Striving To Sense A Different Dimension

relative The wisdom of Kabbalah is hidden from our senses and intellect. It belongs to a different dimension, one which we are incapable of perceiving and exploring directly.

As opposed to animals that are unable to comprehend the music created by humans, we possess a powerful imagination and the basic property called a point in the heart, which allows us to transform ourselves. It is to this end that we study Kabbalah, merely by maintaining a connection to the eternal wisdom. This is our most important work in this world.

It doesn’t matter how far a person advances in Kabbalah, or how much he understands. Simply studying the eternal wisdom of Kabbalah, which is beyond this world and above our unconscious state, is an expression of a desire to come out of this world, which is a great and timeless expression on its own. Every moment spent studying Kabbalah with the intention of getting closer to a new reality and getting rid of unconsciousness is a moment well spent.

It is written that after one’s body dies, the soul is asked only two questions: “Did you study Torah? Did you await salvation?” The question, “Did you study Torah?” means: Did you try to attract the Light that returns you to the Source? And the question, “Did you await salvation?” means: Did you believe that the Light would do this work for you, and did you strive to transform yourself into a “giving” being?

If a person pays even the least bit of attention to the wisdom of Kabbalah and studies it, he advances the entire group of souls that are close to him in the general system called “Adam.”

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  1. Great words from great Teacher!
    Thank You
    With LOVE

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