The Most Popular Profession Of The Future

pipe.jpg In the future, only 5% of humanity will work on providing the whole world with the “necessary things for existence,” while everyone else will work on advertising the importance of the spiritual goal. Alternatively, all 100% will be engaged in spiritual correction, and will work one hour a day to provide themselves with “what is necessary for existence.”

The work of developing spiritual connections between all the souls is continuous. The Creator has to be revealed in this world, which means that each person in this world has to be inspired by your desire for spirituality and your feeling of its importance. In response, they will inspire you with the same thing from their end. To the extent you inspire each other, you will desire and be able to connect with each other.

Today we are just beginning the work of disseminating Kabbalah. Dissemination is not just about disseminating the knowledge (such as through books, internet, and TV), but also about establishing a connection between every person and everyone else. This is the practical implementation of the correction.

Everyone will have to work on this, since we are all inside a system of connections within the common Kli where the Creator, or the spiritual world, becomes revealed. Dissemination is an opportunity for every person to tune into the corrected system.

Therefore, we have to realize that the dissemination of Kabbalah is not a duty, but the action of correction itself. It is your connection with the world.


  1. Dear Rav,
    u always say that women have to do dissemitation, and in this post u said that dissemination is establishing connection between every person. So u mean women have do that? If yes, how?

    Thank u,


  2. Shalom!

    thank for wonderful spiritual website.. make good reading and i fully believe and admire all your views.. I want to learn more.. I am a Fijian from Fiji but leaving abroad and working in verious country around the world including Israel and middle east, Russia and now in Africa.. thank you and God bless…

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