Spiritual Attainment Is Never Lost

infinity A question I received: If a person starts studying the wisdom of Kabbalah, manages to attain spirituality, and then dies a few years later, does he have to come back into this world and suffer again in order to ask the same question: “What is the meaning of my life?” And then does he have to start doing the same work all over again in order to pass the Machsom and from there to advance onwards?

My Answer: Well, you tell me: every time a person has to go through a new learning experience in life, doesn’t he also have to “die” and “come back” in order to ask, “What is the meaning of my life?” Indeed, before taking any new step in life, a person has to ask himself: “What is the meaning of my life? What am I doing here, why, and how?”

If a person is making a truly spiritual action, then it always has to start from zero, as if the person dies. In this respect, it does not make a big difference whether his physical body is alive or not. The death of one’s physical body indicates that a person has to replace the lowest degree of his desire to enjoy, the degree that causes us to feel our earthly body and this material world.

On the lowest degree of the common created desire, a person perceives his Partzuf as the earthly body, and he perceives that degree as this world. This degree never changes and it has to accompany a person throughout the entire duration of his correction process, all the way until the full correction.

Aside from the material degree, a person also perceives the spiritual degrees as he climbs them. But once in a while he has to replace the lowest degree (the physical body), which means that he has to die and be reborn.

However, replacing the lowest degree does not mean that one has to start his spiritual path all over again. It just means that he will traverse this path with much greater ease this time around. After all, one’s spiritual attainment never disappears. In the following life cycle, a person will easily find a teacher and a group, will quickly attain everything he has gone through before, and will continue onwards. However, in order to attain a new level and a new realty, he will have to go through a certain adaptation process.

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