A True Connection To The Creator

trueconnection A question I received: Does a Kabbalist become religious once he reveals the Creator?

My Answer: A Kabbalist is concerned with just one thing: how to attain a connection with the Creator. Everything else falls into place depending on this. Everything that is happening to you right now is happening in your uncorrected desire. Your attitude to the whole world, to yourself, and to the Creator is completely wrong. So how can you have the right attitude to Him?

If you correct yourself, then it doesn’t matter what your connection with the Creator will be like. The most important thing is that it will be real and true, and this is what the Creator is waiting for from us.

Therefore, we don’t ask what form our religions will take in the future, or how people will behave, what their lifestyle will be, and whether this world will exist at all. The most important thing is that it will be the truth.

If I am uncorrected right now, then everything I feel, see, think and understand now is incorrect, both in my mind and my heart. Therefore, none of it will remain in the future; all the broken things will be replaced by corrected ones.

So what will life be like? I don’t know, and I cannot imagine this within my corrupted qualities. I can only tell you that everything will turn into its opposite, as it is written: “I saw a reverse world!” You only have to be ready for the changes that the Upper Light will perform to us.

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