In Spirituality, Every Moment Is Unique

Faith Above Reason Is Bestowal Above Reception In spirituality, decisions are made as if the present moment is the only moment there is. When I make a decision on my spiritual path to resolve a situation I face, I have to make it as if it were the last moment of my life. This is because resolving problems quickly and correctly leads to the next step in my spiritual path.

In the material realm, we are connected to this world and our egoism stretches out events and situations, thus creating the sense of time. In spirituality, however, each moment exists on its own and is unique.

That is why the screen of a Partzuf, as a result of the collision of the Inner and Outer Lights, weakens the Light and decides to reject it. When the screen rejects the Light, the Partzuf doesn’t know what will happen to it and which new condition it is approaching. The only thing the Partzuf knows is that it cannot remain in this situation for more than one moment, because it has lost its bond with the Creator. The Partzuf cannot remain in this new situation and it stops thinking of what will happen in the next moment. This makes its decisions and state in the spiritual world genuine.

Once in a while we see a video of September 11th and we are reminded of how people jumped off the hundredth floor of a burning skyscraper. How can a person do that if he knows that he will inevitably fall to his death? The moment he jumps, he’s thinking only about escaping the fire. The next moment that he will spend in the air will be better than being burned in the fire, so he jumps! What will happen to him a moment later is not important for him.

The same applies to a Partzuf that realizes that it has lost its connection with the Creator. There can be nothing worse that this! It can make do without Light, but it cannot live without a link to the Creator! And thus, it rejects the Light.

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