The Creator Is Our Innermost Attainment

wordsThe Creator is your corrected quality. The Creator is revealed inside of the created being, and this is why in Hebrew He is called “Bo-re” (“Come and See”).

You have to reach your corrected state, your corrected self, and you will then see your corrected qualities and call them “the Creator.” You reveal the Creator only inside you, inside your corrected vessels of perception. You don’t feel anything outside of you.

We perceive all of reality, all that exists, inside us, in our sensations. This is why The Book of Zohar states that all the worlds and everything that fills them, including the Creator, exist in a person. It’s because they are felt by a person only within. Everything only seems to exist on the outside, outside of us. This illusion is given to us purposely, so that through the contrast of the perception of “outside” and “inside,” we will acquire a capability to see the world, ourselves, and the Creator from the side as well as inside. We will then be able to feel creation like He does: before it was created, in the process of being created, and in the future “higher states.”

Spiritual perception is built on feeling within the desires of “others,” which you adjoin to yourself by way of the desire to bestow and love them. In this manner, your desire grows, and to the extent that you unite with other desires, you continue to reveal a greater and broader reality.

In our world we reveal the “World of Assiya,” where each person is secluded inside himself, in his own egoistic desire. But when you begin to unite with the group, which is similar to your desire for the Creator, then to the extent that you unite with their desire, you will reveal the World of Yetzira.

By uniting with the environment into one whole desire, you reveal the quality of bestowal that you’ve attained, and that is called the “Creator.” The phenomena that you reveal in your corrected desire are called the Light, and its innermost source is called the Creator.

But then, a greater egoistic desire is revealed inside you that is your “self,” and by trying to unite with the group over that egoistic desire, you attain the World of Beria.

This is how we reveal all five worlds. Baal HaSulam writes in the “Introduction to the Science of Kabbalah” that all the worlds exist inside of a person. The science of Kabbalah is the revelation of the Creator to the created being, inside the created being, meaning, inside his corrected desires (senses). By revealing the quality of bestowal, we also attain their Source, their Founder. This innermost attainment is called the Creator.

How Do You Calculate Infinity?

where-do-our-thoughts-ideas-and-dreams-come-fromWe have no chance of attaining the spiritual reality with our egoistic mind. It simply can’t perceive it! Spiritual perception is called attainment (Hasaga), which comes from the saying, “Attainment in the hand,” where the “hand” is the corrected egoistic desire.

This is why there are certain rules in the science of Kabbalah: “From Your actions, I will know You,” “The judge has no more than what his eyes can see,” and so on. These sayings indicate that the Upper World has to be revealed through clear attainment.

We go through 125 degrees of attainment, from the beginning to the end. Each degree consists of 25 individual Partzufim or states (see Baal HaSulam’s “Beit Shaar HaKavanot”). It turns out that each of the 125 degrees, called a “Sefira,” includes 25 of its own forms, and each of those also includes 25 of its own sub-forms, and so on, until Infinity.

This is impossible to calculate. There is no specific number that can designate them. Only on a higher level, where there are no letters or numbers, can we comprehend all of this diversity, because we will have new qualities and a new mind. Then, the number of forms will turn into a higher quality and we will perceive it naturally and simply.

Therefore, an infinite number of Partzufim, Sefirot, worlds or degrees of spiritual attainment, only seems infinite to our current mind. However, for a spiritual mind, everything is reduced to a simple desire for bestowal and love, where we feel adhesion with the Creator as one whole “I, where we, the Light, and the Creator are One!”

Why Do We Feel Resistance To Come To A Kabbalah Congress?

what is mutual guarantee in a virtual groupA question I received: This weekend there will be a Congress in North America, and a week later – a Congress in Turkey. Everyone has the opportunity to participate. But what if a person has no desire to come?

My Answer: If a person realizes that he has no desire to come to the Congress, it’s a great point to begin the scrutiny of his egoistic nature and its correction. It all depends on what conclusion he makes: will he understand that his resistance to the Congress is help from above, a way of revealing his ego in order for him to rise above it? Or will he let himself meekly float on with the life’s current all the way until his death?

If I understand that the disturbance comes to me from the Creator, who is Good and does Good, and that there’s none else besides Him, then I begin to work with the disturbance in order to advance with its help. If I place myself between the disturbance, wanting to unite them within me, even if they fight with each other, then I will certainly come to the Congress (covered with scars from that battle).

No matter how strongly my ego is resisting within me, I will make that physical action. Perhaps I won’t want it deep inside, but I will still come! Then I will truly be doing good inner work.

If, however, I agree with my egoism and find all kinds of excuses why I’m not coming to the Congress, then I will miss the opportunity that was granted to me from Above by the Creator.

Spiritual Development May Feel Like A Turbulent Ride

g202Many people ask me: what should I do with my desires, and how should I fight the disturbances?

The breaking or corruption means that the unified creation (the soul, the Kli) divided or broke into many antagonistic parts. Their correction lies in gathering all of them together in spite of the force of their rejection. In other words, the force of unity (the Light, bestowal, love) must be stronger than the forces of mutual rejection (egoism, hate). These forces, however, don’t annul each other, as it is written: “The hero is not the one who kills the enemy, but who makes him serve him.”

Thus, we shouldn’t look for the evil inclination in our daily affairs, but only in our resistance to unifying our desires toward correction, which is equivalence to the Creator. As soon as a person’s ego matures enough for the person to begin correcting it, a point in the heart appears inside him, which is the beginning of his aspiration toward unity. He is then brought to the group, where the Creator bring together all those who are ripe for correction.

If a person participates in the group in order to unify the individual aspirations for the Creator into one strong desire for unity, this evokes the force of correction during the study. Then the force shines on the common aspiration for adhesion between us and the Creator, who is the force of bestowal and love. That sets off the process of “pursuit.”

A person feels as if he is riding a fervent stallion that’s running amok, carrying him forward, and the person is helpless to do anything. The stronger you become in the group, the quicker you correct this, and the faster and stronger you enter inside the group on the next level. This, in turn, reveals your ego to you even more and you find yourself flying ahead on the stallion’s back once again. That is how you quickly reach the end of correction.

Some day the race will be over, because the forces of the ego are not limitless. Each person has his own measure, the capacity of the soul, and he has to reveal and correct all of it.

Moses And Pharaoh Are Inside All Of Us

dont-fight-egoism-aloneWe cannot overpower our desires. We can only replace one desire with another, better one. After all, a person is a desire, and he cannot go against himself.

The only way to fight a desire is by using an external force – the force of the Light. Then the Light will fight your war for you. This is why the Creator said to Moses: “Let’s go to Pharaoh! I will fight him in order to demonstrate my power and might over him. I will show you all of this!” This is also why the Creator said, “I created the evil inclination and the Torah for its correction, because the Light that’s concealed in it returns one to the source.”

Therefore, one’s task is not to fight against oneself, but to make efforts in order to draw Light from the study of Kabbalah. You only have to see your own evil from afar and have the desire to part with it. It’s like the story of Moses who grew up in Pharaoh’s house but then separated from him.

You have received a point in the heart, called Moses. You now have to attract the Light, the Creator, to fight against this evil, against your heart – Pharaoh.

There are three components to this state:

  1. A person’s evil inclination, his egoism, which hides deep within him. This is man’s nature, Pharaoh.
  2. A new consciousness that starts to form in a person, the point in the heart, Moses. This is the realization that you have to correct your evil inclination,  otherwise you won’t attain spirituality.
  3. The source of Light, the Creator. This is a book that talks about how to correct egoism using the Light. The book is a tool that enables you to attract the Light in order to correct your egoism, to change it and transform it to goodness.

Your evil inclination is inside you – it is Pharaoh. The force of the Light that you draw during the study is the force of the Creator. You, Moses, are in the middle, and you constantly wage this war, as it is written, “A person should always set his good inclination against his evil inclination.”

One’s point in the heart, Moses, grows up in Pharaoh’s house. Moses sits on Pharaoh’s lap, playing with his beard and trying on his crown. Moses was like an adopted grandson to the Pharaoh, and an adopted son to Pharaoh’s daughter, Batya. In other words, he was a prince.

But as soon as a person separates from his evil inclination, he starts to feel that they are opposite and hateful to one another. When Moses later comes to Pharaoh, he no longer speaks to him like a person he’s close to. He speaks to him like he is a stranger or an enemy.

This is how a person separates from his own nature, revolting against it and hating it. His only hope then is for the Light to come during the study of Kabbalah and change his nature.

Is Barack Obama Delivering The Promised Change?

Where to Defend a DissertationTwo questions I received on Barack Obama’s presidency:

Question: Barack Obama’s recent speech in Cairo stressed the basic message of all major religions: Love your neighbor as yourself. He spoke of the need for nations to cooperate on every level. This was the philosophy with which he came into office and which he continues to espouse. What is your opinion about the appearance of an American President with this kind of thinking at this point in the global crisis? Do you think the world is ready to begin this conversation?

My Answer: I don’t believe a word he or anyone else says.

Question: On numerous occasions you have posted remarks on “Obama.” My question to you is, in your opinion, how do you see the “change” in America, and President Obama’s new approach to the Muslim world and Israel?

My Answer: For the short term, this has helped America eliminate other nations’ hatred of it. But that’s all. In my opinion, this person is not yet the correct instrument of the Creator.

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