Our Corrections Bring The Greatest Light Into The World

ventureOur world is like a single spiritual body that develops and goes though correction over the course of 6000 years. This time can be divided into three periods, each lasting 2000 years, starting with the first man – Adam.

The first desires (or Kelim) to be revealed are the thinnest, or the egoistically weakest ones; they are called ChaBaD. They are followed by the desires with a medium strength of egoism – HaGaT. And during the final 2000 years – our time, the most egoistic desires – NeChY – are revealed.

The thin Kelim were very elevated souls – the Patriarchs, the nation of Israel that came out of Egypt (Galgalta Eynaim). However, they could not reveal greater depth, wisdom, and the Light of Hochma, because they lacked the depth (thickness) of desire.

On the other hand, over the last 2000 years, we were in exile from the quality of bestowal and love, in egoism, and we are now approaching freedom from the power of egoism over us, even though our egoism is actively developing now.

It turns out that our most egoistic desires (Kelim NeCHY) can draw the most powerful Light – Hochma – into the system of One Soul of Adam. In spite of the fact that our minds and feelings are very limited, when we make a slight effort and perform a correction on our low degree, we draw an enormous Light into our higher Kelim HaBaD, and great corrections occur there. This is how the system of souls of Adam works according to the law of reverse correspondence of Lights and Kelim.

Therefore, while we make great changes in the system of souls, we don’t even know or understand what we’re doing. We are like infants who just smiled or put two blocks together, and the grown up parents rejoice over our small success.

So, we don’t know what Light we draw into the higher souls; this will only be revealed at the End of Correction, when everyone begins to feel this Light. Our souls are the worst, most egoistic, but that is why through our correction, we bring the most powerful Light – the Light of Hochma – into the world. This is a Light that the world has never experienced before.

This is why our correction is called redemption. Through our simple and small work, we carry out the redemption and bring life into this whole system! The whole past, our whole history, and all the great Kabbalists of the past – all of this was only the preparation for the correction that you and I now have to perform.

Have A Wonderful Life – Think About Spirituality

godA question I received: Does one’s material situation also change when one attains spiritual correction?

My Answer: Corporeality changes together with spirituality. Corporeality is the initial level of our perception of reality. It is the level we feel now, and we have to ascend from it to the first spiritual level.

Like any other perception on any level, this one also exists relative to you, inside your own sensations. When you change your qualities, everything will change.

If we care about ascending into the spiritual world, then we project this aspiration onto the material level as well, and then we don’t feel problems. We end up feeling life in our physical body similar to the World of Infinity, where we don’t lack anything. We will have everything the body needs.

If you think only about your spiritual advancement up 125 degrees, then your material life will take place without any worries and problems. You will have enough of everything, without any illnesses or misfortunes.

This material level has to exist because prior to ascending to every subsequent level, you always fall back into this world in order to then ascend even higher from it. What we now feel as this world, as physical matter, is the first, inanimate level of all the worlds. It’s necessary for us to live on this level because it is the basis of all the spiritual ascents. If we will desire to exist on this level only for the sake of ascending, then life will be wonderful.

There Is An Ocean Of Spiritual Fulfillment Right Under Our Noses

How to Keep Effective Virtual ConnectionsThe fatigue we feel is deliberately sent to us from Above. It seems to us that there is nothing good about spirituality and today’s lesson is talking about the same thing as yesterday. And this fatigue we feel will only get stronger. If a person does not receive energy from his environment (the group and books), then he will not be able to continue advancing spiritually.

However, the greatest forces come from disseminating this knowledge to other people. When you do, you will come out of the lesson revived and much stronger than before. It’s because you connect to the desires of many people and you all experience the material together.

Inside your new desires, you reveal the world on a deeper level, and you experience this revelation as new energy and strength, a revival of your soul.

However, if you do not feel pleasure and the force of life from the lesson and dissemination, then you are not connecting with the desires of the friends. The correction lies only in unifying the broken connection between the souls. We have to correct what was broken. As soon as we attain the first connection with one another, to this degree we will immediately feel the Upper World.

The Light, the sensation of connection, bestowal, and love does not appear from some place, but it appears inside us as soon as we attain this quality. This quality comes from the Creator and envelops us.

The fact is that we are always immersed in an ocean of Light! That’s why we don’t feel that there is water all around us. We can only feel it inside our glass. So connect several souls together; you will then form a vessel and will feel the spiritual world!

This is so simple. When it finally becomes revealed to a person, he is taken aback because he sees that it was always right under his nose, and he wonders: why didn’t I do this ten years ago?

Spiritual Knowledge Passes Through Adjacent Vessels

adjacentA student can receive spiritual knowledge from his teacher only to the extent that he strives to become like him. The spiritual knowledge then simply flows into him, like through adjacent vessels.

A famous law of physics states that if two vessels connect, then water flows from one vessel into another and rises to the same level irrespective of the vessel’s width. In spirituality, it happens irrespective of the soul’s initial capacity, which depends on its place in the system of Adam.

The teacher’s spiritual vessel may be enormously wide, while the student’s vessel may be very narrow (or the other way around), but if they unite, the student will receive the same fulfillment as the teacher. Everything depends on the height of the student’s connection to his teacher.

Moments From The Daily Lesson: Opening

5 Minutes Of Light From The Daily Lesson: Connecting The Opposites

Knowing The Rules Of The Creator’s Game

how-longIn order to attain the Creator, creation has to combine two opposite forces inside it. Otherwise it won’t feel anything besides itself, like the still, vegetative and animate objects. However, a human being is unique because he feels his neighbor.

First a person sees his neighbor as an opportunity to use him. But eventually a person develops and starts to understand that the neighbor is actually him. It only seems to us that others are against us because our ego pushes them away and makes us hate them. Yet, if we overcome this repulsion and attach others to ourselves, then we will regain the part of ourselves that we lost and will attain the Force that separates us – the Creator.

If I bring the system of souls back to its corrected state, where all the souls unite through mutual work, then I will attain the Initial Force that created the Single Soul, then broke it and left it to us to put back together. Each person is like a child that becomes big – attains the Creator’s mind – by gathering all the parts back together.

The Creator deliberately keeps the parts apart, separating them with hate and egoism. He is like an adult who has broken a complete toy and mixed up all of its parts, giving the child an opportunity to gradually develop, gain a mind and demand a correction of his qualities in order to gather it back together.

The child has to search the Soul’s future form and demand examples from the Adult. He has to force the Creator to correct the breaking together with him, as a child asks an adult to help him build a house out of blocks. Thus, by playing together with the adult, the child will understand where the game came from, why it’s necessary, why he was created the way he was, and what the Creator wants from him. He will then become like Him!

The Mission Of Baal HaSulam’s Great Soul

moneyA question I received: Baal HaSulam said that he revealed something completely new in his books that had never before been disclosed in any books of his predecessors. What exactly did he reveal?

My Answer: Firstly, Baal HaSulam writes that he is the next reincarnation of the same soul that had been returning to our world as the great Kabbalists – the Ari, Rashbi, Moses, Avraham and Adam HaRishon. This is a particular soul that appears in our world in various “clothes” in order to present the same method to us, but each time in a more precise and detailed form, more suitable for the generation and age in which it descends to this world.

Therefore, when this soul was in the body of the Ari, it wasn’t able to reveal what Baal HaSulam did because the time was not ripe for it yet. That’s why a part of the science of Kabbalah, which became necessary for Baal HaSulam’s generation, was not necessary in the times of the Ari. In fact, it was forbidden to reveal it. But in Baal HaSulam’s generation, it became absolutely necessary, which is why he appeared and revealed it.

The profound notions we are discussing in the science of Kabbalah today were concealed even twenty years ago, let alone 2000 years ago. But this doesn’t mean that the Kabbalists of the past didn’t know these things. We are like small animals compared to them, yet they didn’t have the permission to reveal what we are allowed to. After all, to whom could they have revealed it? Human perception wasn’t ready for this knowledge!

As Baal HaSulam writes in the article, “Time to Act,” only in our generation did a pressing need appear to disseminate the wisdom of Kabbalah to the whole of humanity and to begin putting it to practice.

Passing On The Wisdom Of Kabbalah From Mouth To Mouth

leastA question I received: You said that the science of Kabbalah was conveyed “from mouth to mouth” for millennia. What does this mean?

My Answer: “From mouth to mouth” means that spiritual attainment is conveyed by way of a common Masach (screen) from teacher to student, when both are on the same degree. They are connected to one another as an adult and a child in our world: the adult can descend to the level of the child and teach him, while the child is capable of receiving from the adult. Learning is possible because both are in the same world and on the same level.

The same is true in the spiritual world: we can attain a connection with the Teacher because he descends to a lower spiritual degree, a degree the student has to rise to. They then reach a connection that is called “from mouth to mouth,” meaning: through a common screen between a Partzuf of the Upper Level and a Partzuf of the lower level. The screen stands in the Peh (mouth), and that is why the mutual connection is called “Peh El Peh” – mouth to mouth.

Why Is Our Spiritual Birth So Difficult?

feedA question I received: Why is it so hard to ascend from the material world particularly to the very first spiritual degree? After all, we’re rising to the smallest spiritual degree.

My Answer: Even though it is the smallest spiritual degree, we ascend to it under circumstances where we have absolutely no understanding of spirituality.

We have to be born into spirituality, and there is nothing harder in the world than birth. Scientists say that the energy, strength, and concentration of effort that one spermatozoon employs to enter an egg cannot be compared to any other effort. It’s because they are two complete opposites, but in spite of this, one of them succeeds in breaking through the barrier, through the screen, and fastens itself inside the other.

This is why the first degree of the ascent from the material world to the spiritual world is the most difficult.