The Mission Of Baal HaSulam’s Great Soul

moneyA question I received: Baal HaSulam said that he revealed something completely new in his books that had never before been disclosed in any books of his predecessors. What exactly did he reveal?

My Answer: Firstly, Baal HaSulam writes that he is the next reincarnation of the same soul that had been returning to our world as the great Kabbalists – the Ari, Rashbi, Moses, Avraham and Adam HaRishon. This is a particular soul that appears in our world in various “clothes” in order to present the same method to us, but each time in a more precise and detailed form, more suitable for the generation and age in which it descends to this world.

Therefore, when this soul was in the body of the Ari, it wasn’t able to reveal what Baal HaSulam did because the time was not ripe for it yet. That’s why a part of the science of Kabbalah, which became necessary for Baal HaSulam’s generation, was not necessary in the times of the Ari. In fact, it was forbidden to reveal it. But in Baal HaSulam’s generation, it became absolutely necessary, which is why he appeared and revealed it.

The profound notions we are discussing in the science of Kabbalah today were concealed even twenty years ago, let alone 2000 years ago. But this doesn’t mean that the Kabbalists of the past didn’t know these things. We are like small animals compared to them, yet they didn’t have the permission to reveal what we are allowed to. After all, to whom could they have revealed it? Human perception wasn’t ready for this knowledge!

As Baal HaSulam writes in the article, “Time to Act,” only in our generation did a pressing need appear to disseminate the wisdom of Kabbalah to the whole of humanity and to begin putting it to practice.

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