Together We’ll Rise To New Spiritual Degrees

gruppa_serdze_100_wpA question I received: The Eurasia Kabbalah Congress in Turkey is starting. What special thing can we receive from friends that we see once a year or for the first time in our lives?

My Answer: I just came back from the United States, from the North American Congress in Buffalo. Along with long-term students, there were people there whom I’ve never seen before.

I received great inspiration from them! These people live long distances away from each other, and are very different in their nature and life views, but at the same time, we became closer in spite of the differences between us. This is the most important thing!

The differences between us are like a resistor in an electrical chain. There is you and me, and the resistance between us, but we establish a connection between us above this hatred.

The more different and distant we are, the more we fail to understand each other, but we strive to unite on the inside nonetheless, in order to reveal mutual bestowal and revelation of the Upper world within.

1400 people are taking part in the Eurasia Congress. They are from France, Japan, Iceland, Oceania, etc.

Therefore, particularly together with people that I don’t see often, who are far from me in their habits, views, and mentality, if we rise above these differences and wish to unite in love for each other, we will reveal the Creator within this connection.

So I hope that the unity we’ll reach at the Congress in Turkey will give us a great push forward.

(From the Daily Lesson of 10.21.09)

Will We Need Innovation In The Future Society?

Laitman_2009-08_2611A question I received: What will be the place of innovation in the future society? Will all acts of creativity and inspiration be dismissed as excessive or surplus because they are innovations and as such, are frowned upon, or is there a place for innovation, entrepreneurial spirit and even creativity in the future society?

I give you the example of the mobile phone, an innovation no more than 25 years old. Would the attempts to create a similar product such as the mobile phone in the future society be seen as excessive or as a good thing? The reason for my asking is that my grandfather believes that the mobile phone is not necessary, while I could not live without one.

The elders of a future society could forbid the development of wonderful products and innovations based on their views of what is excessive, and possibly cause a state of oppression.

My Answer: In the future, only spiritual elevation will be a person’s primary work, since there currently is nothing for 90% of the world’s population to do.  All they do is make up occupations for themselves and pollute the world. Aspiration towards the Creator will by itself determine what professions will remain and how one will care for oneself within necessity.

Either everyone will work for an hour or two a day, or only some will work and the rest will be busy attracting the Upper Light for the benefit of everyone.

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The Time Has Come To Be Born

All the People in the World Are Sick With the Same SicknessThere is only one law, one force that acts upon me from the spiritual field, from that endless ocean of Light. It wants only one thing, to attract me to its center, to the good.

My egoistic desire (my “charge”) constantly grows and develops and therefore I am getting more and more unbalanced with the spiritual field.

I am getting farther and farther away from the center of good. But the field doesn’t change, it is me that is changing. The changes for the worse are going on in me involuntarily and automatically. That is why my state is only getting worse.

I am not alone in this field, since there are seven billion people in the same situation.  We are small egoistic “charges,” and all of us to one degree or another feel “bad.”

At the end of our egoistic development we move away to the maximum, from the center of good to the most remote circle and begin to feel ourselves tied together.

This aggravates our already “bad” state. Each begins feeling himself dependent on all others. This forces him to hate all and suffer for all.

Our state is similar to labor pains. During the nine months of pregnancy (evolution of humanity) the mother (Nature) helps the fetus (ego) development to its fullest extent.

But when the complete (egoistic) development (global and closed) is reached, mother Nature forces the fetus to be born.

The global crisis is a pressure to the common fetus, humanity, in order to force it to be born spiritually.

The fetus must turn into a head down position (change priorities from receiving to giving) and begin attempting to exit from its egoistic state (help the mother give birth to him).

Only in this way will he accelerate the labor pains and  be born into the world of Light.

(From the Daily Lesson 10.19.2009)

An Around-The-World Trip In An Ocean Of Light

lightA question I received: There is no time in the spiritual, but shouldn’t we act within the framework of corporeal time?

My Answer: When we enter the perception of the spiritual world, we act only in a field of forces – like in an ocean, where water surrounds us from all sides. In reality, this field is called just that – “water,” since it is primarily the Light of Hassadim (the Light of Mercy, “water”), where life, the Light of Hochma, is also present.

The Light of Hassadim fills everything with itself. It does not have right or left sides, a top or a bottom. Across the whole ocean of Light of Hassadim, from its center, circles disperse, which are levels of the Light of Hochma.  This is like a magnetic or electrical field, the strength of which changes as the distance from the center increases.

When a person enters spiritual sensation, he perceives everything with senses that have no perception of time, motion, space, or existence of reality, like in our world.

Although spiritual space has its own time, motion, space, and existence of reality, they are merely called an analogy to the corporeal ones. Time is what we call actions, which a person performs by changing himself.

The result of these actions, a person’s inner change and his relocation to the spiritual field, is called movement. He moves in this field according to his changes, becoming more and more similar to this field and drawing closer to its center.

Place is his disposition in the same field. He always exists in a point of his balance with the field, like a charge in a magnetic or electrical field.

The cycles, which he goes through sequentially, drawing closer to his center and performing inner changes in himself, are called worlds.

(From the first lesson of the North American Congress  10.16.09)

The Design of Desire

godEverything takes place within the desire for pleasure, which was created by the Creator. As it develops, this desire undergoes certain changes. At first we approve of and don’t conflict with it. In fact, any sort of conflict is downright impossible, since one never distances himself from this desire but always acts at its command. He is not yet aware that the desire really isn’t his and that it rules over him. He is yet to distinguish these two aspects within himself as separate: desire and man.

But then inside of him awakens the Creator’s point directed at bestowal and one begins to feel his desire as alien to him. He begins to distinguish between 1. Desire, and 2. Me (point in the heart).

One’s efforts to change his desires further distance himself from them, and one begins to feel like their slave. Regardless of whether they bring pleasure or pain, one begins to understand that these desires are being sent to him. One’s reality appears to comprise three components: 1. The Creator, 2. The desires He sends, 3. Me.

The wisdom of Kabbalah explains the matter of free will as how one can use the influence of the group and the Upper Light (Ohr Makif) to exalt the importance of the goal above the interests of the body and corporeal life, and how to change one’s desires so as to attain the goal.

That is how one develops his equivalence to the Creator (bestowal).

From the Daily Lesson of 10.20.09

A Violin That Plays The Creator’s Melody

Laitman_2009-06_berlin_4777_w We don’t feel that our whole life is subject to a single course of affairs. The Creator purposely confuses us, as though the world has no Source or Goal, so that out of despair from their absence, we will rejoice from the revelation of Kabbalah, which is the method of the revelation of the Creator.

In order to reveal the Creator it is necessary to attribute everything that happens to Him alone and to correct our qualities in order to become similar to Him. If I strive to see only Him and none else behind everything that comes to me – all the blows and pleasures, then from this confusion, I will begin to build a system of connections of desires and thoughts, which are similar to the Creator’s.

Besides this, I need to see only goodness in all of His various and contradictory actions. If I believe Kabbalists in that they perceive the Creator as a single and benevolent source, I strive to correct my qualities in such a way that I perceive Him the same way.

If I tune myself like a violin, which, after being tuned, begins to play the right melody, then I will feel the Creator and He and I together will play on me. We will merge into one melody and one instrument.

(From the First Lesson of the North American Congress  10.16.09)

When All Boundaries Disappear

What Do Villains and Prophets Have to Do With Bnei Baruch's Virtual Group When we enter the spiritual world we will feel the spiritual parameters (time, space, one’s self, and life) in the same way we feel them in this world.

Long before Einstein and modern physics, Rambam wrote in the 11th century that our entire material world exists below the speed of light, which means inside Earthly time and below spiritual time.

Today, it is not a problem to talk about space, time, and movement as temporary variables, which are relative to the observer and can even move backwards. Objectively, there are no time, movement and space as these are just impressions in our desire. If our desire is limited by receiving we feel ourselves in the boundaries of our world.

If our desire is not limited by absorbing into itself and acts outwards to bestow, than these parameters lose their limitations and there are no limitations in our perception.  This means there is no time, no movement and  no space.

(From the Daily Lesson 10.19.09)

The Physics Of The Sixth Sense

The Goal of Creation Is Perfect FulfillmentA question I received: In order to feel the spiritual we need to develop a sixth sense, which does not pertain to the physical body. How does it work?

My Answer: Everything that we feel is perceived by our senses, transformed into electrical and chemical processes in the brain, compared to what exists in the memory, discerned, and presented to the consciousness in the form of a ready-made image or concept.

My notion is built from two components which are, “I” and “what I perceive.” In addition, everything occurs in the desire. After all, the desire is the matter of the world.

The desire itself does not exist in the cells of the body. I only measure  its reaction to my desires and intentions within the body. I can measure the electrical and chemical processes in the body, but I only measure the reaction of the body this way, not what happens in the desire.

There is nothing with which I can feel or measure the desire itself. Let’s say I try a drink. I feel the taste, the smell, and I feel pleasure. We can measure different reactions of the body to this drink, but in any case this will be a measurement of the reaction, and not a measurement of the desire.

Therefore, any desire is virtual, in the material as well as in the spiritual worlds. The desire itself, whether it is egoistic or altruistic, does not exist in matter.

(From the First Lesson of the North American Congress  10.16.09)

Above Everything, Maintain Contact With The Creator

Laitman_2009-03_8183Question: What do I do if I feel bad and angry with the Creator?

My Answer: It’s important to maintain contact with the Creator, to ask Him questions and give Him answers, to plead and to demand. But the Creator remains hidden, waiting for you to turn your desire to Him alone.

Question: Even if I’m angry with Him?

My Answer: You can scold Him, but do not stop. What’s most important is to maintain contact with Him. If you keep this contact that’s the best reward, and if you disconnect that’s the worst punishment. The form of His response is completely unimportant, as long as you maintain contact; you should be willing to accept everything but disconnection. That would mean you care only about the Creator and not whatever profit you gain from this relationship.

Under the condition of constant contact, begin to analyze your reality. When you feel good or bad, do you desire this connection? I build my attitude toward Him above the unpleasant sensations, as it is written: “Love will make up for all sins.” Love will make up for them, but they will remain nonetheless.

(From the Daily Lesson 10.20.09)

The Need To Collectively Build The Method Of Correction

plan The crisis is not over, but is just beginning to emerge. It’s been around for dozens of years, but it’s been concealed. The crisis affects the spheres of education, science, human relationships, family ties, relationships between sexes, between parents and their children, attitudes towards the older generation, man and his country and relationships between countries.

We feel the crisis in everything we do, thanks to the last, maximum degree of egoism that is being revealed inside us as the global interdependency of all the egoists of the world.  This cannot be fixed with billions of dollars of financial aid nor by UN resolutions. We can only help it by changing the relationships between people from egoistic to total interconnectedness, as demanded by the global system of humanity.

It will take time for people to grasp it. They’re already talking about human egoism as the cause of all evil in the world, but they still don’t fully understand the meaning of these words, and most importantly, nobody knows what we can and must do with this devastating quality inside of us.

If we explain to ourselves that egoism is the only evil and that we need to change within ourselves, we will discover that Kabbalah is the means to affect this change. Otherwise Nature will lead us through sufferings in order to show us that we must correct the egoism and therefore collectively build the same method of correction that has been given to us through the wisdom of Kabbalah.

(From the fifth lesson of the North American Congress 10.18.09)