A Violin That Plays The Creator’s Melody

Laitman_2009-06_berlin_4777_w We don’t feel that our whole life is subject to a single course of affairs. The Creator purposely confuses us, as though the world has no Source or Goal, so that out of despair from their absence, we will rejoice from the revelation of Kabbalah, which is the method of the revelation of the Creator.

In order to reveal the Creator it is necessary to attribute everything that happens to Him alone and to correct our qualities in order to become similar to Him. If I strive to see only Him and none else behind everything that comes to me – all the blows and pleasures, then from this confusion, I will begin to build a system of connections of desires and thoughts, which are similar to the Creator’s.

Besides this, I need to see only goodness in all of His various and contradictory actions. If I believe Kabbalists in that they perceive the Creator as a single and benevolent source, I strive to correct my qualities in such a way that I perceive Him the same way.

If I tune myself like a violin, which, after being tuned, begins to play the right melody, then I will feel the Creator and He and I together will play on me. We will merge into one melody and one instrument.

(From the First Lesson of the North American Congress  10.16.09)

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