“Surprises” By Arkadi Duchin

Here is another great song by our friend Arkadi Duchin.  This song is called, “Surprises,” and is based on the Daily Lesson of 09.15.09.

Depression May Surpass All Other Diseases Affecting Humanity


In the News (from the BBC):Depression looms as global crisis” – “WHO figures clearly show that the burden because of depression is likely to increase – so much so that in 2030 this will be the single biggest cause for burden out of all health conditions,” comments Dr. Shekhar Saxena of the Department of Mental Health of the World Health Organization. The scientific concept of “burden” is the measure of years lost of life due to early death or severe disability brought on by a certain illness, in this case depression. Dr. Saxena says depression is much more common than some other diseases that are more widely feared such as HIV-Aids or cancer.

My Comment: I wrote about this many years ago, saying that people will discover that their desires are empty, dark and bottomless. Drugs will no longer be able to quench these desires, and suicide won’t bring people freedom either, since the desires will be felt as eternal and imperishable, as something from which you can never free yourself.

Eventually we’ll be left with one choice: to accept Kabbalah as the method of fulfilling that desire. This method enables people to reach fulfillment by the Creator rather than fulfillment by the things in this world.

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