Different And Equal At The Same Time

The Soul Is the Property of Bestowal, and Until We Develop It, We Remain AnimalsA question I received: When the Final Correction is attained, will the lower spiritual objects continue to feel that they are lower?

My Answer: Malchut of Infinity divided into worlds, Partzufim and Sefirot, and then it received Light through one, thin tube (Kav), while the remaining part of the Sefira was filled by the Surrounding Light. As a result of this work, which is performed over six thousand years, everyone unites into one organism, where there is no difference between its parts: the levels, Partuzifm, Sefirot, and souls. But they all continue to exist, each one according to its predestination. Their unification does not revoke the differences between them.

If all the special qualities and differences between the spiritual objects were erased, then the power of their unity would be lost as well,  since it’s determined by their spiritual difference (R), the “pressure” or “force of the electric current” – the similarity of intentions. There has to be opposition, a spiritual resistor, with a “plus” and a “minus” at both ends. The force of unity is determined by the might of the opposition and the might of the electric current.


So, on one hand, it’s necessary to attain the most powerful Light (NaRaNHY), but on the other hand, the entire thickness of the desire must work in order to conduct this Light. This is why nothing ever disappears, and all the differences between the Partzufim, Sefirot and souls remain. On the other hand, they all unite without any difference between them with regards to their intention and love.

Our minds cannot understand how these two conditions can exist simultaneously, since our minds can only understand “reception.” But when we begin to perceive both reception and bestowal, then we will understand that this is possible, and two opposites will be able to unite together.

The Spiritual Computer Program

zambiaThe science of Kabbalah resembles a program that sets a computer in motion. Its inner orders are recorded in the form of words, which the program then reads and carries out.

Externally, this is the reading of Kabbalistic texts. By reading the letters, words and lines, we set our inner mechanism in motion. It seems like we’re simply reading a text and pronouncing words, but in reality, we are entering commands into our minds and desires, which will carry them out.

This is why a book written by a Kabbalist from a high spiritual level holds a special force. Baal HaSulam wrote his texts based on his actions according to this program. Therefore, when you read this text, then even without really understanding what it is talking about, you absorb a specific sequence of actions that you then perform.

Your vessels of perception begin to arrange themselves according to the text, and you start perceiving these new forms of your vessels of perception. You feel them as your new qualities, which you call “the Light that Reforms.” Yet there is no Light coming from outside.

Therefore, when we study the Kabbalistic texts, we are not just studying, but setting in motion a program that directs an immediate but gradual correction of our senses.

Why Didn’t We Learn Anything From The Crisis?

A Question Is the Sensation of an Empty DesireA question I received: The current global crisis has affected many people. However, when the blows were over, people did not listen to the science of Kabbalah. Instead, they decided that the difficult times have passed and now a good period is starting, which will make everything fall back into place.

My Answer: This is understandable. The crisis is worsening, but since no one has a solution, people just keep quiet about it. This is the same in every country.

We receive many blows for performing dishonest actions, but we still cannot stop doing them. That means that the blows were not strong enough to teach us the correct way to behave.

Why don’t we learn from our past mistakes? You would think that it’s as simple as one, two, three. If only minor blows could immediately help us reach correction! However, our egoism is constantly developing and becoming bigger. And since we become more egoistic, the previous blows cannot force us to act properly.

Let’s say I stole ten dollars and was punished. Now when I look at ten dollars, I remember the punishment, and this holds me back. However, what will happen if suddenly I find 100 dollars in front of me? I’ve never been punished for 100 dollars before, so 100 dollars is not connected to punishment in my mind. So I steal the 100 dollars and receive punishment.

But what about a thousand dollars? It’s the same thing! This is how we are built – like animals that only know the things they’ve felt. This is why it is written: “A person cannot carry out a commandment (an action of bestowal and love for one’s neighbor) unless he first breaks it (finds the opposite action in him).” First you have to stumble and fall, you have to “steal,” and then you have to repent and correct what you’ve done. This is something that happens only after one receives blows. Without them, it is impossible for a person to change.

The science of Kabbalah explains that each desire develops according to four stages, from the time it is born to its final form. We consist of a desire and an intention. Therefore, there are four possible combinations of the desire and the intention, because there is a total of four combinations from two variables: “you desire something and intend it, you don’t desire something and don’t intend it,” and so on. (See “Inner Reflection” in Talmud Eser Sefirot).

A person has to go through four stages of blows and clarifications in order to reach the last stage, where he desires to use his egoism only for the sake of selfless, unconditional bestowal and love. This is why it is impossible to learn from one small blow. It’s because there is a law acting between the desire and the Light.

The Light creates a desire, and the desire acts precisely according to the program that is placed into it by the Light. If it is the desire to enjoy, it wishes only to receive pleasure. In order to teach it to be bestowing, the Light always has to influence the desire through four stages.

Only on the last stage does the desire realize that it is receiving. As a result, it feels shame and performs a restriction. This happens with every spiritual action.

We Develop In An Integral System Like Parts Of The Body

remindsA question I received: Why doesn’t the point in the heart awaken in all the people? Why do some people begin to feel it in their 20s and others in their 50s?

My Answer: This is none of our business and we shouldn’t even think about it because we don’t have any freedom of choice about it. It all depends on the greater system of the souls which has to advance.

This can be compared to our body, which consists of billions of little cells. Each cell has to evolve, but all of them are interconnected. This is also why they are dependent on one another when it comes to their correction: one advances first, then another one, and so on, or they may do so in pairs.

It’s the same system as an embryo developing inside its mother’s womb. Its body parts develop one after the other, for example ,the head, arms, legs, nose and ears. Their growth has to happen in a specific order.

It’s a very complex system. Meanwhile, we lack the basic knowledge of our material life, let alone spirituality. So how can we ask: why has someone been awakened now instead of ten years ago? Do you know which group of souls you belong to and what role you are destined to perform?

On the other hand, if you aspire to understand this, then you’ll begin to feel where you are being led. That’s where our freedom of choice lies: to find out what task we’ve been assigned, and to carry it out.

We Are Like An Unconscious Patient Returning To Consciousness

heavenA question I received: Why isn’t the Creator happy when people enjoy the material life and are content with it?

My Answer: The Creator isn’t happy with it because it’s not the pleasure that He intends to give us. From the beginning He created a state where we are completely filled with Light, but we don’t realize it because we’re unconscious.

All of the spiritual worlds are degrees of concealment of that state, and we are in the lowest state, the final concealment. The World of Infinity is here and we are inside it, but separated from it by multiple layers, like wrappings that hide the state in which we exist.

We are like a person who is lying in bed unconscious. We exist in this world in a state that can be called life, but our senses don’t perceive anything. This is our state today. But the Creator can’t just leave us in this unconscious state, where all we have is a spark of Light keeping us on life-support, but we don’t realize this and are willing to settle for corporeality.

However, it’s very difficult for an unconscious person to wake up. And the people around him also have a hard time making him come to consciousness. But one thing is clear: the plan of creation has to come to fruition. We don’t have a choice about this. Our only choice is whether we will reach our goal by way of suffering or by way of the Light, consciously. We can choose between the two.

We start progressing in order to avoid blows. But then, having gained a little bit of consciousness, we continue the path willingly, because we begin to value the final goal above everything else.

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