The Spiritual Computer Program

zambiaThe science of Kabbalah resembles a program that sets a computer in motion. Its inner orders are recorded in the form of words, which the program then reads and carries out.

Externally, this is the reading of Kabbalistic texts. By reading the letters, words and lines, we set our inner mechanism in motion. It seems like we’re simply reading a text and pronouncing words, but in reality, we are entering commands into our minds and desires, which will carry them out.

This is why a book written by a Kabbalist from a high spiritual level holds a special force. Baal HaSulam wrote his texts based on his actions according to this program. Therefore, when you read this text, then even without really understanding what it is talking about, you absorb a specific sequence of actions that you then perform.

Your vessels of perception begin to arrange themselves according to the text, and you start perceiving these new forms of your vessels of perception. You feel them as your new qualities, which you call “the Light that Reforms.” Yet there is no Light coming from outside.

Therefore, when we study the Kabbalistic texts, we are not just studying, but setting in motion a program that directs an immediate but gradual correction of our senses.

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