5 Minutes Of Light From The Daily Lesson: Interacting With The Spiritual Environment

Moments From The Daily Lesson: Wonderment

A Painless Birth In The Spiritual World

the-greatest-power-comes-from-yielding-to-othersA question I received: Why doesn’t everyone see the crisis as an opportunity for change?

My Answer: Give it some time. The crisis is coming in waves, like the pangs of birth: it hits you and then it lets go, then it hits you again and then it gives you break again. Everything depends on whether you understand that these are the pangs of birth and whether you participate in your own birth. In order to be born, you have to flip over “head down,” which means that you have to lower the importance of everything that you deem important now.

Question cont’d: But isn’t this the path of suffering?

My Answer: Certainly not. If you know that you will be born and come into the world, that there are so many good things waiting for you, then how can you suffer? You can already anticipate how good everything will be. You are happy about the attack or breakthrough you’re making. You will make an effort together with the Upper Level, which is ready to give birth to you, and enter the spiritual world.

The Difference Between Individual And Collective Sensations

Don't Starve Yourself - Use the Upper Light InsteadA question I received: If every person’s soul is unique, then how is it possible for everyone to see the same phenomenon?

My Answer: We all reveal the same phenomenon, but each person reveals it in his own Kli. For example, I have tea inside my glass. When you drink it, you will also feel that it is a warm liquid without any particular taste. We have similar senses, but different desires. We can experience a phenomenon in a similar way, but we will assess it differently, depending on our desires. This is why we don’t understand each other.

When we both ascend to the same degree in the spiritual world, we will both understand where we are. The same applies in our world: when we are in one city, we know where we are. This is something we do not disagree on. However, you may like that city while I may dislike it. On every level, there are basic, general sensations, but the particular sensations are different.