Only Man’s Correction Will Bring Abundance To The Whole Of Nature

Two questions I received on man’s imbalance with the environment:

Laitman_2009-07_0189Question: According to the UN, 2.8 billion people won’t have enough water to meet their basic needs by 2025. Can you comment on this?

My Answer: It’s true, and this, as well a all the other blows we receive from Nature, will compel us to correct ourselves. Our correction at the highest level, the human level, will correct everything and bring harmony to all the lower levels. That is when we will see abundance in the whole world.

Question: I disagree with what you say, that “None of our actions really have any effect on climate change.” Our actions are driven by our egoistic desires, and therefore they do have a direct impact on climate changes. Doesn’t this make sense?

My Answer: No, it does not make sense to me, because you are only seeing the effects and then making up theories about what you’ve seen.

Our world is a world of consequences and everything descends upon us from Above. This is why correction at a higher level will bring a result in our world, while in our world, we can never make any “correction.”

We learn from Kabbalah that everything happens under influence of the Light from Above.

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Where Should You Study Kabbalah?

kabbalah-for-everybodyThree questions I received on studying Kabbalah worldwide:

Question: Do you teach Kabbalah in the USA, and if yes, where?

My Answer: You can find all the information here.

Question: Is the curriculum for your classes available for download?

My Answer: Yes. Please check out the information on all our available materials and ways of learning on our web site.

Question: I am so happy to learn about Kabbalah. This philosophy reflects my personal aspirations. Do you have any locations in Russia? I would like to visit them while I am there.

My Answer: Please visit our Russian site to find the information. There are Bnei Baruch groups as well as individual students in almost every city in Russia.

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Have We Reached The End Of Classical Science?

RussiaA question I received: What are the boundaries of science? Is science infinite or is it mortal as we are? If the latter is correct, do we see the end?

John Horgan in his book  The End Of Science: Facing The Limits Of Knowledge In The Twilight Of The Scientific Age says that we are witnessing the end of classical science as we know it.

Science has made some great discoveries and underwent swift development due to the Cold War. But now society no longer wants to invest in the abstract, scientific exploration of nature.

Humanity faces problems that are more real than theories of super strings or the wormhole of the universe. How can we survive? The author is concerned that young people are leaving science.

My Comment: Science is based on humanity’s attainment through the five bodily (animate) senses. Therefore, it is limited by them from the beginning.

Our desires (our heart) and mind limit the field and depth of our comprehension, and these are the limitations of science. If, however, we break away from the limitations of our five bodily senses, as well as the desires and the mind that are connected to them, then we may feel the space that is independent from them – the Upper World. We will then be able to explore it with the new means of the outer sense, the soul.

That is what the science of Kabbalah teaches us to do. Therefore, it is the science of the future.

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