Moving Together With The Creator

authorCurrently we wish to approach the Creator from below upwards in order to attain Him. However, when we disseminate, we move together with Him. Therefore, a person who does this is considered an equal partner of the Creator.

The Creator cannot carry out the dissemination instead of us or disclose Himself in our world. If the Creator was revealed in our world, we would automatically aspire for Him like for something incredibly valuable, great, and worthy. Then, we would never get rid of our egoism. Our egoism would be obsessed with the Creator to such an extent that we would go crazy wishing to receive His fulfillment. Therefore, He has to conceal Himself until we perform a restriction on ourselves and rise above our egoism.

When we do, we will be able to reveal Him in order to become similar and, at the same time, opposite to Him. If I make this shield or screen for myself that blocks me from Him, then the Creator can be revealed. There will still be a 100% concealment between us. The only question is: does He conceal Himself, or do I conceal my egoism from Him? To the extent that I form my own screen, the Creator can take the screen off of Himself. The dissemination of Kabbalah, the revelation of the Creator to the creation, is not something that goes against us. Rather, it is when we move together with Him and become His partners.

Then we will even be able to walk ahead of Him by disseminating the knowledge about how to reveal Him. We will then be His messengers, agents, and helpers – His hands. That’s how important our mission is to the Creator, let alone to all the people who are suffering like small, foolish children, without even understanding why they are suffering.

Disseminating Is Partnering With The Creator

adjacentI always repeat that in order to succeed in the study of Kabbalah, we have to disseminate it. However, I feel that “dissemination” is not a good word because it makes me sound like a salesman or an insurance agent who is pushing his policies to everyone. When we talk about disseminating Kabbalah, it may sound as though we are trying to impose something on others.

Today the word “dissemination” is associated with commerce and dissemination of goods. Thus, when we speak about the dissemination of Kabbalah, those who are unfamiliar with the term think that it involves commerce or business, that we are selling something and making a profit. In other words, this word is very slippery.

But actually, our entire life constitutes dissemination, because the real meaning of this word is drawing closer to the Creator, spreading, expanding, revealing and attaining. All of creation begins with dissemination. That is to say, it starts out as a single point, where suddenly, out of nothingness, something that exists is born – Yesh Mi Ain (something out of nothing), and then it proceeds to disseminate through the four stages of Direct Light, producing all the worlds down to our world.

The last spiritual degree bursts into our world with a single, tiny spiritual charge. All the matter of our world, the whole universe, is born from this one spark in a process called the Big Bang, and then disseminates further. It develops in this manner until it forms our solar system, our terrestrial globe, and everything that exists here.

All of this pertains to the dissemination of the Creator onto the created beings in order to bring creation to equivalence with Him. This happens under the influence of the Light, His quality of bestowal. Indeed, any birth or development constitutes dissemination. In other words, the true, inner quality of dissemination is a partnership with the Creator. It means helping the Creator deliver and reveal His idea to the world by acting together with Him.

It’s Time To Bring Everything We Learn To Life

feedAs a Kabbalah teacher, I am starting to “free up” more and more material from within myself, and the material is becoming denser and deeper than before. This is the call of the times to accelerate the correction. Whoever is able to “grab onto” our lessons and their new rhythm will be able to advance faster.

Today we have to bring to life everything that we talk about at the lessons. It’s not enough to just understand it. We have to implement it inside us every day, so the words said at the morning lesson will become our actions throughout the day.

The years we have spent studying did not go by in vain, and now we can do this practically, together with hundreds of thousands of people participating in the same process. If we do it together with all our friends and those who watch and listen to the lesson from all over the world, then it is possible.

In addition, every beginner can do this together with us by connecting to everyone and making whatever efforts he can. It’s similar to how children are born and then use everything that was created for them. That is how a person who’s new to the spiritual path can become part of the general movement together with us.

The most important thing is to develop a habit of constantly controlling one’s personal advancement and the general advancement.

Touching The Creator Through One Point In The Heart

where-do-our-thoughts-ideas-and-dreams-come-fromA question I received: How can I overcome feelings of hate and confusion along the spiritual path?

My Answer: During our spiritual development, we feel a great deal of hate and envy, as well as the desires to rule and to destroy anything we don’t like. The spiritual Kli is built above these material passions, including love for power and envy.

The only way to do this is by giving more importance to the Creator and the connection with Him, even if that connection is one-sided (from your end) and it seems like He doesn’t even know you exist. This has to be enough for you to rise above all the pleasures of power and fame.

This point of connection is called the point in the heart. A person doesn’t need anything besides this contact with the Giver, which he attains by virtue of the other desires he has.

Many people had been given the opportunity to have this point of contact with the Creator, yet they let it go by and did not acquire that connection. If you’re starting out on the spiritual path, you should be afraid and careful for the same thing not to happen to you.

Even though the whole world has become global and the spiritual path is open to everyone today, there are no compromises when it comes to spiritual attainment and revelation. It is operated by the law of equivalence of form between the desire and the Light, and therefore it’s impossible to neglect any condition in order to ascend to the level of revelation.

It’s true that time is becoming “denser,” but nevertheless, every person will have to go through the correction he is due.

Together Across The Machsom We Reveal The Light

The Condition of Entering the Upper World Is Mutual Guarantee If we start precisely from what was broken in the whole of creation – connection between its parts (us, the souls), then by restoring that connection, we will feel the quality of bestowal, the Light, the Creator. We have been created separate in order to give us an opportunity to discover the concept of unity, and eventually to attain eternity and perfection inside the white Upper Light, the Creator. It takes a small effort to accomplish this, but the effort has to be directed in the right way.

The condition of unifying the broken creature into one whole is not difficult to realize if one knows where to apply one’s weak efforts. If you have the lever, you can turn the Earth upside down. Our problem is that we scatter our thoughts and desires, not knowing how to focus them in one direction.

Success lies not in the magnitude of the effort, but in uniting all of the small efforts together. If they unite, the common effort will be directed at the quality of bestowal, the Creator. This is enough in order to be born into the Upper World.

Therefore, our only aspiration should be to unite our desires into one whole. Then, inside the common desire, we’ll reveal the higher quality – the Creator.

How To Truly Taste The Creator

questions on soulA question I received: In one of your lessons you gave an example of a baby pulling everything in its mouth, feeling the world through taste. I remembered the phrase: “Taste and see how good the Creator is.” But how can I taste Him?

My Answer: To taste something doesn’t mean that you try it and then reject it. The phrase speaks of the fact that it is only by tasting the Creator, you can be sure that He (the quality of bestowal) is good and worthwhile. You will know this “by tasting,” meaning, by feeling it inside yourself. That’s what the Kabbalists meant by saying that you first have to try it, like when shopping for a bargain and then declining to buy.

However, in spirituality, you have to make the purchase first, and then, once you have bought it and dug your teeth into it, you will know what’s really in it. That’s because you then agree to bestow instead of receive, and you find that nothing can be better than that!

An Attack On The Machsom Is To Be Born Into The Spiritual World

Laitman_2009-08_2622 A question I received: You spoke about the concept of “attack” several times. Who or what are we attacking? Can we reach this state here and now, particularly at this Congress, and how can we help each other do it?

My Answer: Actually, the spiritual world is attained through an attack, when pressure from Above is immediately followed by pressure from below. The the crossing into the spiritual world happens like the birth of a child. When the fetus develops, it turns over head down and then it is born.

Turning over means that the person completely changes his conception of himself and the world. What is more important and less important switch places. To turn upside down means a person changes his values. As soon as a person is ready to do this, his spiritual birth occurs. In other words, there has to be pressure from the person (the fetus) and the mother (the Creator).

Through our attempts to become similar to the Upper Level and to find the right unification between friends, we draw pressure from Above, similar to labor pains (Tsirey Lida).  In Hebrew the word “contraction” (Tsar, Tsirei) comes from the words “narrow” (Tsar) and “suffering” (Tsarot). This means that the contractions of the birth create such a narrow state and so much suffering that we are “pushed” out through the Machsom into the spiritual world.

The Machsom is that narrow place through which a person is born. Therefore, we shouldn’t be afraid of the “narrow” state and the suffering. We should simply turn ourselves upside down and be born.

(From the Lessons at the Eurasian Congress  10.23.09)

Reaching Critical Mass At A Congress Is Needed To Achieve Unity

The Greatest Power Comes from Yielding to OthersWe need to try to create such a state of unity, above all the discrepancies and differences between us, so that a common critical effort will emerge and draw the Light. This is like a nuclear reaction, where two parts unite through a blow in spite of the forces of opposition, starting a chain reaction of connection. In our case, the unification between us leads to a revelation of the Upper Light, which is revealed as the quality of bestowal and the feeling that we have achieved life on a higher plane.

A new reality is perceived to the extent that we are similar to it. If we try to attune our hearts and minds to our similarity to the spiritual world, then we will gradually begin to feel it and our joint effort will become apparent.

Crossing over into the spiritual world is like labor contractions. When powerful forces move a person from front to back, he is pushed back and becomes determined to reject his egoistic image. If he doesn’t despair and continues on with determination, the contractions will end with his birth.

(From the Lessons at the Eurasian Congress  10.23.09)

5 Minutes Of Light From The Daily Lesson: Rising To The Point Of Connection

The Miracle Of Kabbalistic Texts

what20is20sin20in20kabbalahIt’s a known fact that if you leave a small child alone in the woods, he will grow up into an animal. Similarly, if you place a child in a certain society, that is how he will grow up. A person grows and develops under the influence of his environment. The environment gives a person specific behavioral models and examples, and he does everything according to them.

How do we perceive our world? We do it according to how we have developed and what we have been taught to focus on. In other words, we do it according to our desires. This makes us see specific pictures of our world and to perceive them in a specific way, as well as to process them within and react to them.

However, when it comes to the spiritual world, we don’t have any behavioral models, images, sensations or understanding of what it is. So even if the picture of spirituality would somehow emerge before us, we wouldn’t be able to perceive it. And that is how things do stand: in fact, everything is already here in front of us, but we perceive only a small part of what exists, because we don’t have the appropriate models or images.

This is why Kabbalists write books for us telling us about the Upper World. They pull us up to that world, or to be more specific, they bring the spiritual world down to us so when we read about it and try to feel and understand it, we become filled with its models even if we don’t feel or understand them.

This happens by virtue of a special quality called Segula – miracle. We evoke these spiritual images upon us from afar even when we don’t clearly feel them. That is how we prepare ourselves for feeling them.