How To Truly Taste The Creator

questions on soulA question I received: In one of your lessons you gave an example of a baby pulling everything in its mouth, feeling the world through taste. I remembered the phrase: “Taste and see how good the Creator is.” But how can I taste Him?

My Answer: To taste something doesn’t mean that you try it and then reject it. The phrase speaks of the fact that it is only by tasting the Creator, you can be sure that He (the quality of bestowal) is good and worthwhile. You will know this “by tasting,” meaning, by feeling it inside yourself. That’s what the Kabbalists meant by saying that you first have to try it, like when shopping for a bargain and then declining to buy.

However, in spirituality, you have to make the purchase first, and then, once you have bought it and dug your teeth into it, you will know what’s really in it. That’s because you then agree to bestow instead of receive, and you find that nothing can be better than that!

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