Together Across The Machsom We Reveal The Light

The Condition of Entering the Upper World Is Mutual Guarantee If we start precisely from what was broken in the whole of creation – connection between its parts (us, the souls), then by restoring that connection, we will feel the quality of bestowal, the Light, the Creator. We have been created separate in order to give us an opportunity to discover the concept of unity, and eventually to attain eternity and perfection inside the white Upper Light, the Creator. It takes a small effort to accomplish this, but the effort has to be directed in the right way.

The condition of unifying the broken creature into one whole is not difficult to realize if one knows where to apply one’s weak efforts. If you have the lever, you can turn the Earth upside down. Our problem is that we scatter our thoughts and desires, not knowing how to focus them in one direction.

Success lies not in the magnitude of the effort, but in uniting all of the small efforts together. If they unite, the common effort will be directed at the quality of bestowal, the Creator. This is enough in order to be born into the Upper World.

Therefore, our only aspiration should be to unite our desires into one whole. Then, inside the common desire, we’ll reveal the higher quality – the Creator.

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