Another World – A Song By Arkadi Duchin

Here is a new song by Arkadi Duchin called, “Another World,”
based on the Daily Kabbalah Lesson from 09.04.09:


5 Minutes Of Light From The Daily Lesson: What Does The Tabernacle Symbolize?

Work Together With Your Environment Like A Sophisticated Device

and2520god2520created2520man2520in2520his2520own2520iSpiritual advancement is built upon descents: as they become corrected, they serve as the material for the spiritual Kli. If you turn your sensation of being far away from spirituality into a spiritual ascent, you will thereby build your soul.

Think of an electronic converter that straightens out an oscillating, off-and-on current, making it constant. The oscillating current enters the diode bridge where the positive phase passes through one contour and the minus phase passes through another. As a result, a constant current is produced at the exit. This is very much like the spiritual processes, where the descents turn into ascents.


The Light acts as the positive phase, and the Kli is revealed as the negative phase, and they work together. Practically speaking, I affect my environment and the environment affects me. I project two feelings onto the environment: the feeling that it is important, and that I am worthless. In response, the environment impresses me with the feeling that bestowal is important and reception is worthless.

If I take care of these four channels, then I will receive strength. When I am in the state of ascent and I have a lot of strength, I have to give to the environment. And when I fall and have no strength, I receive strength from the environment.

This works in exactly the same way as the device that straightens out the oscillating current: sometimes I give to them, and sometimes they give to me. As a result, I always have strength.

In fact, this is why the soul was separated into two parts: me and everything that’s outside of me. It was to enable me to treat others like myself.

Everything outside me is also mine. It’s just that I work with it in this oscillating manner – sometimes I give strength, and sometimes it is returned to me. However, what I receive is many times greater than what I put in.

In virtue of the darkness (the new Kli) that is revealed in me, I am able to receive enough strength from the environment to turn to the Force (the Light) of Correction. I am then always able to move forward, like a constant current that is always being straightened out. And thus, I rise higher and higher.

Daily Kabbalah Lesson – 10.01.09

Preparation to the Lesson
The soul is formed by the contrast between darkness and Light, when you shift from the most “grounded” thoughts and sensations to something higher.
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Part 1, on Shamati #96
Spiritual theft is when you have a desire that you can correct, but you prefer to fulfill it egoistically.
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Part 2, on Preface to the Sulam Commentary
The Creator’s program is inserted into the creation similar to an injection that brings a stone to life. The seeds of bestowal enter it and give off sprouts.
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Part 3, on Disclosing a Portion, Covering Two
The message of the science of Kabbalah has reached us after passing through thousands caring hands, in order to be ready for the modern generation.
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Expressing Spiritual Attainment Through Music, Dance, And Theater

is-there-anything-spiritual-about-great-works-of-artA question I received: Why did so many Kabbalists write music?

My Answer: Music, theater and dance are all means to express spiritual attainment. It’s not perchance that music and dance were two of the seven sciences that a person needed to master in the past before he could approach the study of the science of Kabbalah. They were considered sciences, since a person needed to express the Upper Attainment with the sounds of music, in the motions of dance and through singing.

Words are also music. I can express my sensations through words as well as notes. Any musical composition also “narrates” according to the laws of cause and effect. Music is a language.

The TaNTA (the full Kli – Taamim, Nekudot, Tagin and Otiyot), used in the written language, is also applied in music and dancing. It doesn’t matter what form you use to express the link between the Kli and the Light; it will always consist of TaNTA.

The same phrase can be expressed through words, music and dance. However, Kabbalah expresses it through recording the relationships between the vessels and the Lights filling them, which is a basic, universal language.

Reveal The Book Of Zohar For Yourself

spiritual-time-and-movement1A question I received: Why can’t everyone understand The Book of Zohar?

My Answer: First of all, your mind won’t help you reveal anything. If we read The Book of Zohar trying to understand it with our minds, then we will see nothing more than a system of Musar (ethics), repeated warnings, instructions and strange tales.

It is only by opening up a new sense inside you, called the point in the heart, that you will begin to see a whole world when reading that same story. The Book of Zohar will suddenly begin to reveal itself within you.

Remember, there’s nothing outside of you. We think that the spiritual world is somewhere out there, but actually it becomes revealed inside us. When a person begins to attain qualities and definitions inside him, he enters deep inside the text of this book. The book itself begins to clothe within him, and the person reveals everything he is reading inside of him.

Spiritual Life Is Felt Through Your Connection With Others

the2520condition2520of2520entering2520the2520upper2520A question I received: How should a person work when he receives a spiritual awakening?

My Answer: He should work on his connection with his environment, provided that it is comprised of people similar to him. You will feel the spiritual world inside your spiritual desire, which is built out of the desires of other people, which you attach to your desire – the point in the heart.

Besides this “point,” you don’t have any other spiritual desire. You are like a cell in the general organism: By itself, the cell cannot feel life or perception. This is why you have to establish a connection with the other cells.

The entire universe is one organism called Adam. Your task is to find your connection with this common organism. The life that you will feel inside this common spiritual body will be the higher, eternal and perfect life (the Light). The source of this life is called the Creator.

All of this is perceived inside the general body, which consists of points or cells – individual aspirations for spirituality. If you don’t unite with them, you will never feel the spiritual life.

The True Meaning Of “Thou Shall Not Steal!”

what-does-the-torah-say-about-the-red-string“Theft” in spirituality means that you reveal a desire inside you that you can use for the sake of bestowal (that you can raise to Bina), but instead of doing this, you use it to enjoy for your own sake. This is called “theft” or “stealing.”

A person has to attain the quality of bestowal in all of his 613 desires. Otherwise he is a thief. This is why there is a commandment that says, “Thou shall not steal!”

Spirituality Is Joy

musicIf a person isn’t joyful, then he is not in the spiritual state. In spirituality, if you want to go on to the following state, you have to complete your present state. That means you have to attain joy in the present and agree with it, as if you’re putting a seal on it. Then you will ascend to the next, higher level.

If you don’t attain joy in the present state, then you will never complete it, and you might even slide lower down. Even if you have already begun to awaken to and feel the spiritual state, if you don’t reach the sensation of joy about it, then you will be thrown back down, to a place where you did not feel any spirituality.

The sign that you have completed your current state is the feeling of emptiness in your egoistic desires, and the feeling that you want to be above them, in a state of greater bestowal. And if you are joyful, this means that you really desire bestowal – the next level. You are then ready to receive an additional desire.

It doesn’t matter what is happening to you on the path of correction – ascents or descents. You should always be happy, like a small child who tries to do something and is happy regardless of whether he succeeds at it or not. The most important thing is the efforts he makes. This is what enables him to grow.