Expressing Spiritual Attainment Through Music, Dance, And Theater

is-there-anything-spiritual-about-great-works-of-artA question I received: Why did so many Kabbalists write music?

My Answer: Music, theater and dance are all means to express spiritual attainment. It’s not perchance that music and dance were two of the seven sciences that a person needed to master in the past before he could approach the study of the science of Kabbalah. They were considered sciences, since a person needed to express the Upper Attainment with the sounds of music, in the motions of dance and through singing.

Words are also music. I can express my sensations through words as well as notes. Any musical composition also “narrates” according to the laws of cause and effect. Music is a language.

The TaNTA (the full Kli – Taamim, Nekudot, Tagin and Otiyot), used in the written language, is also applied in music and dancing. It doesn’t matter what form you use to express the link between the Kli and the Light; it will always consist of TaNTA.

The same phrase can be expressed through words, music and dance. However, Kabbalah expresses it through recording the relationships between the vessels and the Lights filling them, which is a basic, universal language.

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