5 Minutes Of Light From The Daily Lesson: The New Era

Lessons From The Eurasian Congress


Here are links to the first two lessons from the Congress taking place in Turkey:

Lesson #1 10.22.09

Lesson #1 10.22.09

Lesson #2 10.23.09

Lesson #2 10.23.09

A Child’s Question That Adults Should Envy

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What is the meaning of life and why are we here?

My Answer: Imagine that everything happening now is happening in a dream, that you are dreaming of this, that you are at a congress, and that I am speaking with you. But soon you will awaken and realize that you are at home.

This is what our entire life is like – it’s a long dream, followed by awakening. But while we are sleeping we feel like our dream is reality.

The meaning of life is to realize that this is a dream and to want to wake up as soon as possible. If we wait for the dream to end on its own, we will never wake up. We need to awaken ourselves and this can only be done if your friends and a ray of Light from within arouse you from your sleep.

Once we awaken, we will find ourselves in a beautiful world without boundaries that is one large, delightful adventure. The meaning of our life is to wake up to this  new world.

(From the Children’s Lesson at the North American Congress  10.17.09)

Children Also Ask Why We Are All Connected

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Why are we all connected?

Answer: The Creator created a single desire and then broke it into pieces.

In reality we are all connected on the inside, and we only feel as if we are disconnected.

I feel like others are separate from me. I lie to people, steal from them, hit them, and hate them, because I do not feel that they are also me. The entire world is all me!

The Creator has confused me on purpose. The fact that others are me will be revealed to me, and then I must ask myself, “How could I have treated myself this way? I took things from my own self, hit myself, stole from myself. I took so many good things away from myself.

I constantly hurt myself, my own health,  my comfort and my peace.  I do bad things to myself. What was I thinking? How could I not see the obvious?”

It is only in the egoism’s distorted mirror that the other parts seem to be foreign to me, even though we are one whole.

This is an unpleasant feeling, but the good thing about it is that it leads to correction.  It pushes us towards interconnection and motivates us to become closer and love our neighbor.

(From the Children’s Lesson at the North American Congress  10.17.09)

Helping Children Awaken To The Wonderful Upper World

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Why is there a point in the heart?

Answer: We are given a point in the heart so we are not be left in this tiny world, sick, hungry, poor, and mortal. By holding on to this point we can ascend from this world into the Upper World, which is so fair and good.

A point in the heart is like the end of the rope for those who feel like they are drowning in this world, and who want to be saved. Use this rope to start pulling yourself out of this world into the Upper eternal World – you can do it!

Whether you are big or small, the point in the heart is your chance to feel like you live in a big fair world here and now. This is why we need to rejoice when the point in the heart appears in us, because it is a sign of a wonderful adventure, a journey into a wonderful land.

(From the Children’s Lesson at the North American Congress  10.17.09)

An Ocean Of Desire Reflected In A Child’s Question

Dr. Michael LaitmanChildren are an ocean of desires. Children ask questions with simplicity, but there is a certain depth in this simplicity that puts you in disarray.

This is because in reality there is no answer to their questions. All the answers lie beyond the other side of the Machsom where people see and feel for themselves.

This is why children are told fairy tales and stories – the deepest things can be presented this way.

Adults do not need this multitude of layers.  They are more confused and their souls have sunk under the dark cover of our world, while this has not yet happened to a child.

Question: Why do we need to unite?

Answer: I have only one enemy – my egoism, and I am not able to fight it alone.

My egoism is like a big, strong boy from school, who I constantly need to run from so he won’t beat me up.

I look for help to defeat my egoism, and I find it amongst my friends. They have the same problem –  the evil beginning, egoism, won’t let them be.

So together we decide to give it a good beating so to keep it away from us. We need to become friends in order to kick this “bad boy” and make him never want to deal with us again.

This is why we unite –in order to defeat a common enemy.  Life will simply become wonderful if we are able to get rid of him.

(From the Children’s Lesson at the North American Congress  10.17.09)

The Soul Has No Vices

lawsA question I received: “The general purpose of the whole universe is for humanity to reach the state where all people will be as one family. Everyone will take others into consideration and will be a guarantor for everyone else.” “Love thy neighbor as thyself.” The above quotes are by the Rav.

What if my neighbor is gay? Does this apply to all unless you are a homosexual? I read an article that gays are not allowed to join a Kabbalah group. Is this for real? If so why? The Creator made us all equal. I have gay friends who are loving, supportive, considerate, and friendlier than most heterosexuals.

My Answer: That’s right. But loving does not mean making contacts within the bounds of this world. It means contacts only between souls that have neither nationality nor sex nor any other quality or vice. It’s only a connection of souls, which is the desire to give to the Creator which is at the level above our world.

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What Lies Beyond Infinity?

Laitman_2009-05-28_8266_wA question I received: Since I was a child, there was always one question that brought fear to me in a way that no other question ever has.  This is the question that comes to me when I think about the universe.  The question is, “What is all  of this?”  I have nothing with which to put it in perspective and it has therefore troubled me and brought me fear.

However, since I started studying Kabbalah this question does not cause me as much fear.  Instead another similar question has arisen in me and that is the question, “What will happen after I, or the world rises to its attainment of the Upper world? What is beyond this goal, and if there is something beyond, is this goal really the goal?” This question is perhaps impatient and silly, but it makes me uneasy and I feel that I have to ask it.

My Answer: If you imagine Infinity properly, you will discover that it is the fulfillment of all our desires and thoughts, and because of this we can’t imagine anything else. However,  it is exactly this boundary beyond which something new begins. Reaching Infinity means only correcting ourselves, which is our preparation for something greater we will learn only after our correction.

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