What Lies Beyond Infinity?

Laitman_2009-05-28_8266_wA question I received: Since I was a child, there was always one question that brought fear to me in a way that no other question ever has.  This is the question that comes to me when I think about the universe.  The question is, “What is all  of this?”  I have nothing with which to put it in perspective and it has therefore troubled me and brought me fear.

However, since I started studying Kabbalah this question does not cause me as much fear.  Instead another similar question has arisen in me and that is the question, “What will happen after I, or the world rises to its attainment of the Upper world? What is beyond this goal, and if there is something beyond, is this goal really the goal?” This question is perhaps impatient and silly, but it makes me uneasy and I feel that I have to ask it.

My Answer: If you imagine Infinity properly, you will discover that it is the fulfillment of all our desires and thoughts, and because of this we can’t imagine anything else. However,  it is exactly this boundary beyond which something new begins. Reaching Infinity means only correcting ourselves, which is our preparation for something greater we will learn only after our correction.

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