The Darkness Is The Beginning Of Perception Of The Upper

EURASIA-CONGRESS2If the Upper doesn’t awaken the lower, the lower will never think about the Upper. Thus, any bad feeling is a sign from the Creator to pay attention to Him.

Recognition of this is the beginning of connection to the Upper. A person initially doesn’t understand what’s happening to him, he just feels bad and then asks, “Why do I feel so bad? Did I do something wrong?” He is already guessing that there is someone who sends him problems for something he has done wrong.

Now the entire world begins to feel the part of the Upper (AHP) descending down into us. This is a peculiarity of our time, as we are now coming out against the AHP of the Upper not individually, but connected together into one global egoism.

The AHP of the Upper (darkness, hard life, crisis) is being revealed against it causing people to begin to ask, “Where did it come from? What’s the reason? What do we have to do?”

All of this comes from the darkness, which is brought by the AHP of the Upper. If it wasn’t for Him, we would not feel the egoistic connection between us as negative, as a reason of all our suffering.

1. Each individual ego has reached the end of its growth in the process of thousands of years of history. We have connected into one egoistic system.

2. The opposition to the Upper has surfaced and therefore we feel bad. This feeling is caused in us by the Creator. He lowers His AHP to force us to make our plea to Him.

At the beginning I simply ask, “Make me feel good! Me!” But then I begin to realize that making me feel good won’t help because the world is global. I then begin to plead for others as for myself, and then begin to first plead for others and only then for myself.

In this way the darkness brings us to the correct conclusions.

(From Lessons of the Eurasian Congress 10.23.09)

We Need To Rise Above Our Obstacles And Egoism

EURASIA CONGRESSTo ascend spiritually we need egoism, above which we need to rise. We don’t need to remove obstacles – we need to rise above them.

It is the fundamental difference between Kabbalah and all other spiritual methodologies, religions and beliefs. They teach one how to remove problems and calm down, so everyone will feel comfortable.

This is the principle on which the entire world acts. Everyone calms himself as best he can by talking to a shrink, taking drugs, fighting, trying to find comfort in sleep, alcohol, religion and rewards in this world.

Whatever a person does is only to erase the unpleasant feelings.

Because of this principle, religions attract people, calming down their egoism. But everything is opposite in Kabbalah – you have to use all your egoism, increase it and rise above it.

Therefore, a person who wants to correct his egoism and turn it to bestowal needs the Light that corrects his egoism. He needs exactly the force that created his ego, as the force will now help him to rise above it.

If a person only suppresses egoism, then he doesn’t need the returning Light and the Creator. He invents some religion or methodology for himself and gets comfortable.

The difference between all other methods and Kabbalah is that Kabbalah doesn’t calm down egoism but rather, enlivens it!

Therefore, only the Kabbalistic method, which works with egoism (not suppressing it but valuing and utilizing it), brings a person to the Upper Light.

Actually, a person needs the Light only to subjugate his egoism and this Light should raise us above all obstacles. This is practical spiritual work.

If a person doesn’t need help from the Light, the Creator,  in order to rise above obstacles and his  egoism, then he will never reach bestowal.

(From Lesson #2 of the Eurasian Congress 10.23.09)

The Success Of The Congress Depends On All Of Us

EURASIA CONGRESSA question I received: The Kabbalah Congress in Antalya is starting today. What’s the best way to prepare for this special event?

My Answer: You need to be together with us with your heart and soul. Join in on all of our events as much as possible.

The success of the Congress depends on the general mood of its participants. Let’s try to unite and be inspired by the greatness of the goal – unity with the Creator.

It is not simple inspiration that we need, but a close connection to our path, the goal, and unification of all people together with the Upper Force, so that we (meaning each of us, the group, and the Creator) will become one whole.

We will then become similar to this Upper Force, and it will be revealed within all of us. Everything depends on the connection between us, where the Creator is revealed.

If we correct the place where the breaking of the connection between us occurred, it is there that the Creator will be revealed.

We need to raise the quality of bestowal above all the obstacles, so that it will be above everything else. However, we shouldn’t cross out the obstacles, rather we should keep ourselves above them.

Only if we desire to unite in spite of the mutual rejection, will this provide us with spiritual elevation.

(From Lesson #1 of the Eurasian Congress 10.22.09)

The Reason Pleasure Flourishes In Spirituality

Laitman_2009-05-xx_ny_5048A question I received: I have heard many times in your lectures that pleasure nullifies the desire, meaning the desire gets fulfilled and disappears. The same happens with spiritual desires, which get fulfillment from the Creator. Therefore we should hold the pleasure from the Creator aside, and not be pleasured by it, in order to pass the fulfillment to “the neighbor,” so that he might be fulfilled.

It turns out that at that time we get fulfillment from him in return and fulfillment becomes eternal. Why is fulfillment from “the neighbor” eternal and doesn’t disappear with time as does  individual fulfillment?

My Answer: It is because you use your neighbor’s desire  (as a mother uses a desire of her child) and not yours, and you are just a means to fulfill that desire. That is why your fulfillment doesn’t become nullified.

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We Must Disseminate The Intended Purpose of Kabbalah And Not Just The Wisdom Itself

EURASIA-CONGRESS2Each of us is a little egoist. Individually we are not opposite to the single Nature.  By developing egoistic desires, Nature forces us to develop in order to fulfill those desires.

However, now we have now reached our maximum individual, egoistic development. This is evident through the feeling of life’s emptiness and the crises in all the spheres of our activity, in and around every person.

Besides the maximal (and empty) egoism, we have proven to be connected as one single egoistic mechanism, and it is this mechanism that is contradictory to the single Nature. Two opposite systems have formed, the system of Control (the Creator) and the system that is controlled (a globally connected human society). Therefore, we will inescapably need to feel this contradiction, the level of opposition to the altruistic Nature by egoistic humanity as problems of every person and of  society (epidemics,  societal crises and other catastrophes of nature, etc.).

We are only now entering the period where global egoism is being revealed “from zero.” In general, its growth will manifest as suffering, the goal of which is to lead all of us to the realization of global egoism as the reason for all our evils and suffering. The suffering will continue until we reach the desire to correct our egoism to a level of global bestowal and love, bringing the system of our relationships into equivalence with Nature (the Creator).

The science of Kabbalah explains how to carry out this change in each person and in society, and without this knowledge we will be unable to correct ourselves. The only question is the amount of suffering that we will need to endure in order to implement the science of Kabbalah for our correction.

The prophets describe this possible suffering as images of “the end of the world.” The dissemination of Kabbalah explains the cause of suffering and shows us how the  correction of society will change everyone to goodness!

Therefore, dissemination of Kabbalah in the world primarily means dissemination of the knowledge of  its intended purpose, rather than dissemination of the wisdom itself. To the extent that we realize the need, only then should we disseminate the method of correction itself. This is how we construct our studies.

(From Lesson #2 of the Eurasian Congress 10.23.09)

The Crisis Will Put Everything Into Place

When It Comes to the Global Crisis, We Cannot Afford to ProcrastinateA question I received: Based on the fact that they follow to the letter the latest political decisions concerning the financial market and its regulation, and after having received a few billion Euros from the French government, the bank, “Societe Generale” will distribute primes of up to one billion Euros to its traders! As you say, “as long as the printing facilities are operational.”

But isn’t considering any particular case just about acknowledging the illusion of the separation of the bodies, when in fact, we all want to reach the same goal? After all, anyone can, in his own way, “equate,” more or less on “love,” but few on “specialties” like banking or financial practices. Even a perfect financial system would not be very exciting, would it?

My Answer: The crisis will put everything into place. The alternative is war and other calamities. There is no other way. Relief is possible only through the explanation of how to correct ourselves.

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