We Need To Rise Above Our Obstacles And Egoism

EURASIA CONGRESSTo ascend spiritually we need egoism, above which we need to rise. We don’t need to remove obstacles – we need to rise above them.

It is the fundamental difference between Kabbalah and all other spiritual methodologies, religions and beliefs. They teach one how to remove problems and calm down, so everyone will feel comfortable.

This is the principle on which the entire world acts. Everyone calms himself as best he can by talking to a shrink, taking drugs, fighting, trying to find comfort in sleep, alcohol, religion and rewards in this world.

Whatever a person does is only to erase the unpleasant feelings.

Because of this principle, religions attract people, calming down their egoism. But everything is opposite in Kabbalah – you have to use all your egoism, increase it and rise above it.

Therefore, a person who wants to correct his egoism and turn it to bestowal needs the Light that corrects his egoism. He needs exactly the force that created his ego, as the force will now help him to rise above it.

If a person only suppresses egoism, then he doesn’t need the returning Light and the Creator. He invents some religion or methodology for himself and gets comfortable.

The difference between all other methods and Kabbalah is that Kabbalah doesn’t calm down egoism but rather, enlivens it!

Therefore, only the Kabbalistic method, which works with egoism (not suppressing it but valuing and utilizing it), brings a person to the Upper Light.

Actually, a person needs the Light only to subjugate his egoism and this Light should raise us above all obstacles. This is practical spiritual work.

If a person doesn’t need help from the Light, the Creator,  in order to rise above obstacles and his  egoism, then he will never reach bestowal.

(From Lesson #2 of the Eurasian Congress 10.23.09)

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