The Darkness Is The Beginning Of Perception Of The Upper

EURASIA-CONGRESS2If the Upper doesn’t awaken the lower, the lower will never think about the Upper. Thus, any bad feeling is a sign from the Creator to pay attention to Him.

Recognition of this is the beginning of connection to the Upper. A person initially doesn’t understand what’s happening to him, he just feels bad and then asks, “Why do I feel so bad? Did I do something wrong?” He is already guessing that there is someone who sends him problems for something he has done wrong.

Now the entire world begins to feel the part of the Upper (AHP) descending down into us. This is a peculiarity of our time, as we are now coming out against the AHP of the Upper not individually, but connected together into one global egoism.

The AHP of the Upper (darkness, hard life, crisis) is being revealed against it causing people to begin to ask, “Where did it come from? What’s the reason? What do we have to do?”

All of this comes from the darkness, which is brought by the AHP of the Upper. If it wasn’t for Him, we would not feel the egoistic connection between us as negative, as a reason of all our suffering.

1. Each individual ego has reached the end of its growth in the process of thousands of years of history. We have connected into one egoistic system.

2. The opposition to the Upper has surfaced and therefore we feel bad. This feeling is caused in us by the Creator. He lowers His AHP to force us to make our plea to Him.

At the beginning I simply ask, “Make me feel good! Me!” But then I begin to realize that making me feel good won’t help because the world is global. I then begin to plead for others as for myself, and then begin to first plead for others and only then for myself.

In this way the darkness brings us to the correct conclusions.

(From Lessons of the Eurasian Congress 10.23.09)

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