The Success Of The Congress Depends On All Of Us

EURASIA CONGRESSA question I received: The Kabbalah Congress in Antalya is starting today. What’s the best way to prepare for this special event?

My Answer: You need to be together with us with your heart and soul. Join in on all of our events as much as possible.

The success of the Congress depends on the general mood of its participants. Let’s try to unite and be inspired by the greatness of the goal – unity with the Creator.

It is not simple inspiration that we need, but a close connection to our path, the goal, and unification of all people together with the Upper Force, so that we (meaning each of us, the group, and the Creator) will become one whole.

We will then become similar to this Upper Force, and it will be revealed within all of us. Everything depends on the connection between us, where the Creator is revealed.

If we correct the place where the breaking of the connection between us occurred, it is there that the Creator will be revealed.

We need to raise the quality of bestowal above all the obstacles, so that it will be above everything else. However, we shouldn’t cross out the obstacles, rather we should keep ourselves above them.

Only if we desire to unite in spite of the mutual rejection, will this provide us with spiritual elevation.

(From Lesson #1 of the Eurasian Congress 10.22.09)

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