We Must Disseminate The Intended Purpose of Kabbalah And Not Just The Wisdom Itself

EURASIA-CONGRESS2Each of us is a little egoist. Individually we are not opposite to the single Nature.  By developing egoistic desires, Nature forces us to develop in order to fulfill those desires.

However, now we have now reached our maximum individual, egoistic development. This is evident through the feeling of life’s emptiness and the crises in all the spheres of our activity, in and around every person.

Besides the maximal (and empty) egoism, we have proven to be connected as one single egoistic mechanism, and it is this mechanism that is contradictory to the single Nature. Two opposite systems have formed, the system of Control (the Creator) and the system that is controlled (a globally connected human society). Therefore, we will inescapably need to feel this contradiction, the level of opposition to the altruistic Nature by egoistic humanity as problems of every person and of  society (epidemics,  societal crises and other catastrophes of nature, etc.).

We are only now entering the period where global egoism is being revealed “from zero.” In general, its growth will manifest as suffering, the goal of which is to lead all of us to the realization of global egoism as the reason for all our evils and suffering. The suffering will continue until we reach the desire to correct our egoism to a level of global bestowal and love, bringing the system of our relationships into equivalence with Nature (the Creator).

The science of Kabbalah explains how to carry out this change in each person and in society, and without this knowledge we will be unable to correct ourselves. The only question is the amount of suffering that we will need to endure in order to implement the science of Kabbalah for our correction.

The prophets describe this possible suffering as images of “the end of the world.” The dissemination of Kabbalah explains the cause of suffering and shows us how the  correction of society will change everyone to goodness!

Therefore, dissemination of Kabbalah in the world primarily means dissemination of the knowledge of  its intended purpose, rather than dissemination of the wisdom itself. To the extent that we realize the need, only then should we disseminate the method of correction itself. This is how we construct our studies.

(From Lesson #2 of the Eurasian Congress 10.23.09)

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