The Crisis Will Put Everything Into Place

When It Comes to the Global Crisis, We Cannot Afford to ProcrastinateA question I received: Based on the fact that they follow to the letter the latest political decisions concerning the financial market and its regulation, and after having received a few billion Euros from the French government, the bank, “Societe Generale” will distribute primes of up to one billion Euros to its traders! As you say, “as long as the printing facilities are operational.”

But isn’t considering any particular case just about acknowledging the illusion of the separation of the bodies, when in fact, we all want to reach the same goal? After all, anyone can, in his own way, “equate,” more or less on “love,” but few on “specialties” like banking or financial practices. Even a perfect financial system would not be very exciting, would it?

My Answer: The crisis will put everything into place. The alternative is war and other calamities. There is no other way. Relief is possible only through the explanation of how to correct ourselves.

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