Together We’ll Rise To New Spiritual Degrees

gruppa_serdze_100_wpA question I received: The Eurasia Kabbalah Congress in Turkey is starting. What special thing can we receive from friends that we see once a year or for the first time in our lives?

My Answer: I just came back from the United States, from the North American Congress in Buffalo. Along with long-term students, there were people there whom I’ve never seen before.

I received great inspiration from them! These people live long distances away from each other, and are very different in their nature and life views, but at the same time, we became closer in spite of the differences between us. This is the most important thing!

The differences between us are like a resistor in an electrical chain. There is you and me, and the resistance between us, but we establish a connection between us above this hatred.

The more different and distant we are, the more we fail to understand each other, but we strive to unite on the inside nonetheless, in order to reveal mutual bestowal and revelation of the Upper world within.

1400 people are taking part in the Eurasia Congress. They are from France, Japan, Iceland, Oceania, etc.

Therefore, particularly together with people that I don’t see often, who are far from me in their habits, views, and mentality, if we rise above these differences and wish to unite in love for each other, we will reveal the Creator within this connection.

So I hope that the unity we’ll reach at the Congress in Turkey will give us a great push forward.

(From the Daily Lesson of 10.21.09)

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