Will We Need Innovation In The Future Society?

Laitman_2009-08_2611A question I received: What will be the place of innovation in the future society? Will all acts of creativity and inspiration be dismissed as excessive or surplus because they are innovations and as such, are frowned upon, or is there a place for innovation, entrepreneurial spirit and even creativity in the future society?

I give you the example of the mobile phone, an innovation no more than 25 years old. Would the attempts to create a similar product such as the mobile phone in the future society be seen as excessive or as a good thing? The reason for my asking is that my grandfather believes that the mobile phone is not necessary, while I could not live without one.

The elders of a future society could forbid the development of wonderful products and innovations based on their views of what is excessive, and possibly cause a state of oppression.

My Answer: In the future, only spiritual elevation will be a person’s primary work, since there currently is nothing for 90% of the world’s population to do.  All they do is make up occupations for themselves and pollute the world. Aspiration towards the Creator will by itself determine what professions will remain and how one will care for oneself within necessity.

Either everyone will work for an hour or two a day, or only some will work and the rest will be busy attracting the Upper Light for the benefit of everyone.

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