The Soul Has No Vices

lawsA question I received: “The general purpose of the whole universe is for humanity to reach the state where all people will be as one family. Everyone will take others into consideration and will be a guarantor for everyone else.” “Love thy neighbor as thyself.” The above quotes are by the Rav.

What if my neighbor is gay? Does this apply to all unless you are a homosexual? I read an article that gays are not allowed to join a Kabbalah group. Is this for real? If so why? The Creator made us all equal. I have gay friends who are loving, supportive, considerate, and friendlier than most heterosexuals.

My Answer: That’s right. But loving does not mean making contacts within the bounds of this world. It means contacts only between souls that have neither nationality nor sex nor any other quality or vice. It’s only a connection of souls, which is the desire to give to the Creator which is at the level above our world.

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  1. So can you be gay and study Kabbalah or what?

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