A Child’s Question That Adults Should Envy

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What is the meaning of life and why are we here?

My Answer: Imagine that everything happening now is happening in a dream, that you are dreaming of this, that you are at a congress, and that I am speaking with you. But soon you will awaken and realize that you are at home.

This is what our entire life is like – it’s a long dream, followed by awakening. But while we are sleeping we feel like our dream is reality.

The meaning of life is to realize that this is a dream and to want to wake up as soon as possible. If we wait for the dream to end on its own, we will never wake up. We need to awaken ourselves and this can only be done if your friends and a ray of Light from within arouse you from your sleep.

Once we awaken, we will find ourselves in a beautiful world without boundaries that is one large, delightful adventure. The meaning of our life is to wake up to this  new world.

(From the Children’s Lesson at the North American Congress  10.17.09)


  1. As a child I always felt an inclination to towards that something that was above all. I was raised as a catholic but quickly realized that my answers were never answered..until now that I’ve found Kabbalah. As a father of an 11 year old boy, now I see myself in the other side of the mirror. He is asking questions and his inclinations are just as mine when I was his age. Rav, what’s the best way to approach a child when talking about spiritual matters?

  2. beautiful answer!

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