Spirituality Is Joy

musicIf a person isn’t joyful, then he is not in the spiritual state. In spirituality, if you want to go on to the following state, you have to complete your present state. That means you have to attain joy in the present and agree with it, as if you’re putting a seal on it. Then you will ascend to the next, higher level.

If you don’t attain joy in the present state, then you will never complete it, and you might even slide lower down. Even if you have already begun to awaken to and feel the spiritual state, if you don’t reach the sensation of joy about it, then you will be thrown back down, to a place where you did not feel any spirituality.

The sign that you have completed your current state is the feeling of emptiness in your egoistic desires, and the feeling that you want to be above them, in a state of greater bestowal. And if you are joyful, this means that you really desire bestowal – the next level. You are then ready to receive an additional desire.

It doesn’t matter what is happening to you on the path of correction – ascents or descents. You should always be happy, like a small child who tries to do something and is happy regardless of whether he succeeds at it or not. The most important thing is the efforts he makes. This is what enables him to grow.

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  1. I loved your statement, you have to attain joy in the present moment and agree with it. I never thought of it that way, but it is the case, isn’t it? I felt joy reading your blog, know ing that there are further states of joy. My, I thought I’d felt the highest I could feel when I feel joy. I’ll be aware now of different states. Thank you.

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