Spiritual Life Is Felt Through Your Connection With Others

the2520condition2520of2520entering2520the2520upper2520A question I received: How should a person work when he receives a spiritual awakening?

My Answer: He should work on his connection with his environment, provided that it is comprised of people similar to him. You will feel the spiritual world inside your spiritual desire, which is built out of the desires of other people, which you attach to your desire – the point in the heart.

Besides this “point,” you don’t have any other spiritual desire. You are like a cell in the general organism: By itself, the cell cannot feel life or perception. This is why you have to establish a connection with the other cells.

The entire universe is one organism called Adam. Your task is to find your connection with this common organism. The life that you will feel inside this common spiritual body will be the higher, eternal and perfect life (the Light). The source of this life is called the Creator.

All of this is perceived inside the general body, which consists of points or cells – individual aspirations for spirituality. If you don’t unite with them, you will never feel the spiritual life.

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