An Attack On The Machsom Is To Be Born Into The Spiritual World

Laitman_2009-08_2622 A question I received: You spoke about the concept of “attack” several times. Who or what are we attacking? Can we reach this state here and now, particularly at this Congress, and how can we help each other do it?

My Answer: Actually, the spiritual world is attained through an attack, when pressure from Above is immediately followed by pressure from below. The the crossing into the spiritual world happens like the birth of a child. When the fetus develops, it turns over head down and then it is born.

Turning over means that the person completely changes his conception of himself and the world. What is more important and less important switch places. To turn upside down means a person changes his values. As soon as a person is ready to do this, his spiritual birth occurs. In other words, there has to be pressure from the person (the fetus) and the mother (the Creator).

Through our attempts to become similar to the Upper Level and to find the right unification between friends, we draw pressure from Above, similar to labor pains (Tsirey Lida).  In Hebrew the word “contraction” (Tsar, Tsirei) comes from the words “narrow” (Tsar) and “suffering” (Tsarot). This means that the contractions of the birth create such a narrow state and so much suffering that we are “pushed” out through the Machsom into the spiritual world.

The Machsom is that narrow place through which a person is born. Therefore, we shouldn’t be afraid of the “narrow” state and the suffering. We should simply turn ourselves upside down and be born.

(From the Lessons at the Eurasian Congress  10.23.09)

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