Reaching Critical Mass At A Congress Is Needed To Achieve Unity

The Greatest Power Comes from Yielding to OthersWe need to try to create such a state of unity, above all the discrepancies and differences between us, so that a common critical effort will emerge and draw the Light. This is like a nuclear reaction, where two parts unite through a blow in spite of the forces of opposition, starting a chain reaction of connection. In our case, the unification between us leads to a revelation of the Upper Light, which is revealed as the quality of bestowal and the feeling that we have achieved life on a higher plane.

A new reality is perceived to the extent that we are similar to it. If we try to attune our hearts and minds to our similarity to the spiritual world, then we will gradually begin to feel it and our joint effort will become apparent.

Crossing over into the spiritual world is like labor contractions. When powerful forces move a person from front to back, he is pushed back and becomes determined to reject his egoistic image. If he doesn’t despair and continues on with determination, the contractions will end with his birth.

(From the Lessons at the Eurasian Congress  10.23.09)

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