The Miracle Of Kabbalistic Texts

what20is20sin20in20kabbalahIt’s a known fact that if you leave a small child alone in the woods, he will grow up into an animal. Similarly, if you place a child in a certain society, that is how he will grow up. A person grows and develops under the influence of his environment. The environment gives a person specific behavioral models and examples, and he does everything according to them.

How do we perceive our world? We do it according to how we have developed and what we have been taught to focus on. In other words, we do it according to our desires. This makes us see specific pictures of our world and to perceive them in a specific way, as well as to process them within and react to them.

However, when it comes to the spiritual world, we don’t have any behavioral models, images, sensations or understanding of what it is. So even if the picture of spirituality would somehow emerge before us, we wouldn’t be able to perceive it. And that is how things do stand: in fact, everything is already here in front of us, but we perceive only a small part of what exists, because we don’t have the appropriate models or images.

This is why Kabbalists write books for us telling us about the Upper World. They pull us up to that world, or to be more specific, they bring the spiritual world down to us so when we read about it and try to feel and understand it, we become filled with its models even if we don’t feel or understand them.

This happens by virtue of a special quality called Segula – miracle. We evoke these spiritual images upon us from afar even when we don’t clearly feel them. That is how we prepare ourselves for feeling them.

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  1. Dr. Rav Laitman,
    Do you have a dictionary of Kabbalah Terms used in the lessons and writings?
    Thank you and much Light.

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