Reconnecting Our Broken Vessel

What's the Right Attitude to HaveTo This World?Today, our egoism is global, mutual, and integral. This is why we have the “Butterfly Effect,” making all people absolutely interdependent. But that’s not all: our egoism will continue to grow and reveal itself in awful ways. This kind of egoism can already be considered spiritual because it points to the cause of all our misfortunes: the breaking of the right connection between us.

The breaking of our common desire (the unified Kli) took place in the spiritual world. Today we are beginning to attain that state from below upwards, starting from our world.

All people constitute one common vessel which shattered into small pieces and is now unable to hold anything inside. It’s impossible to sense the Upper Light within it, since It can only flow between people.

If we restore the connection, we will feel the Upper Light fulfilling us, since It won’t seep out of the vessel anymore. We will then sense an eternal, perfect existence within the Light.

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