Egoism Has Reached The End Of The Line

bridgeAll the desires that people have in our world have completed their development. Thus, nothing will develop further. Our world has come to a full stop. All our corporeal desires (such as for food, sex, family) as well as our social desires (for wealth, fame, power and knowledge) are in crisis because they have gone past the last stage of their development and are mutating into perverted forms.

Therefore, egoism can no longer develop in our world. Rather, it is starting to connect us, making us feel completely interdependent. From now on, we will begin to sense this connection more and more, even if nations and people will try to isolate themselves from one another. We will eventually reach the feeling of a complete, total connection, which will obligate us to love others as ourselves.

We will then discover that this is the solution to all our problems.

One Comment

  1. How will global connectivity obligate the loving of others? The connections we currently have do not require us to love those we are connected with; even familial affections are clearly subject to change.

    Lovely thought though.

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