Only Man’s Correction Will Bring Abundance To The Whole Of Nature

Two questions I received on man’s imbalance with the environment:

Laitman_2009-07_0189Question: According to the UN, 2.8 billion people won’t have enough water to meet their basic needs by 2025. Can you comment on this?

My Answer: It’s true, and this, as well a all the other blows we receive from Nature, will compel us to correct ourselves. Our correction at the highest level, the human level, will correct everything and bring harmony to all the lower levels. That is when we will see abundance in the whole world.

Question: I disagree with what you say, that “None of our actions really have any effect on climate change.” Our actions are driven by our egoistic desires, and therefore they do have a direct impact on climate changes. Doesn’t this make sense?

My Answer: No, it does not make sense to me, because you are only seeing the effects and then making up theories about what you’ve seen.

Our world is a world of consequences and everything descends upon us from Above. This is why correction at a higher level will bring a result in our world, while in our world, we can never make any “correction.”

We learn from Kabbalah that everything happens under influence of the Light from Above.

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  1. I have to agree with Rav, on the enviormental issue. For years I planted tress with a co-op, hoping to improve our enviorment and at least think I was stocking up on wood for my own personal use i.e build a home,toilet paper,etc. only to have lived long enough (thanks to my creator) to wittness that this was(is)no solution.Hughmongus forest fires and other non-natureal or natureal disasters at least in my minds eye and from hard work hands on experience does not work.,even if you were to make all the kindergarden students plant one tree for their life and one for their kids life,in the future it would not have an impacked.And as hard as it is for me to write this because I’m still on the journey. Man needs to fix something inside himself each and everyone of us.The sooner the better! The study that Rav engages us in points the way! “A thousand may enter but only one is able to grasp it”.Lets get bussy!

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