We Are Like An Unconscious Patient Returning To Consciousness

heavenA question I received: Why isn’t the Creator happy when people enjoy the material life and are content with it?

My Answer: The Creator isn’t happy with it because it’s not the pleasure that He intends to give us. From the beginning He created a state where we are completely filled with Light, but we don’t realize it because we’re unconscious.

All of the spiritual worlds are degrees of concealment of that state, and we are in the lowest state, the final concealment. The World of Infinity is here and we are inside it, but separated from it by multiple layers, like wrappings that hide the state in which we exist.

We are like a person who is lying in bed unconscious. We exist in this world in a state that can be called life, but our senses don’t perceive anything. This is our state today. But the Creator can’t just leave us in this unconscious state, where all we have is a spark of Light keeping us on life-support, but we don’t realize this and are willing to settle for corporeality.

However, it’s very difficult for an unconscious person to wake up. And the people around him also have a hard time making him come to consciousness. But one thing is clear: the plan of creation has to come to fruition. We don’t have a choice about this. Our only choice is whether we will reach our goal by way of suffering or by way of the Light, consciously. We can choose between the two.

We start progressing in order to avoid blows. But then, having gained a little bit of consciousness, we continue the path willingly, because we begin to value the final goal above everything else.

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