We Develop In An Integral System Like Parts Of The Body

remindsA question I received: Why doesn’t the point in the heart awaken in all the people? Why do some people begin to feel it in their 20s and others in their 50s?

My Answer: This is none of our business and we shouldn’t even think about it because we don’t have any freedom of choice about it. It all depends on the greater system of the souls which has to advance.

This can be compared to our body, which consists of billions of little cells. Each cell has to evolve, but all of them are interconnected. This is also why they are dependent on one another when it comes to their correction: one advances first, then another one, and so on, or they may do so in pairs.

It’s the same system as an embryo developing inside its mother’s womb. Its body parts develop one after the other, for example ,the head, arms, legs, nose and ears. Their growth has to happen in a specific order.

It’s a very complex system. Meanwhile, we lack the basic knowledge of our material life, let alone spirituality. So how can we ask: why has someone been awakened now instead of ten years ago? Do you know which group of souls you belong to and what role you are destined to perform?

On the other hand, if you aspire to understand this, then you’ll begin to feel where you are being led. That’s where our freedom of choice lies: to find out what task we’ve been assigned, and to carry it out.

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  1. How do you uncover what task you have been assigned?

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